Know The Seriousness Of Sore Throat

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                                            Know the seriousness of sore throat
The main reason for sore throat is by allergy and it is considered severe if it is affected by Bacterial or viral infection.
So when to consider sore throat more serious?The U.S. Centres for disease control and prevention provides us the following signs:
1.If Sore Throat continues more than a week.
2.If the problems occur in breathing and swallowing.
3.Among younger children if the drooling is excessive.
4.If the body temperature is more than 100.4 degrees Farhenheit.
5.If patches of pus on the back of throat is visible
6.If skin rash persists.
7.If you find blood in phelgm or saliva.
8.If the symptoms of dehydration,dry mouth,including fatigue or infrequent urination develops.
9.If it occurs from a person who suffers from strep throat.
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