6 Dangers With Potato Chips

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Potato chips mainly prepared with oil and in some cases these are prepared by baking potato slice in the oven. Compare with deep fried potatoes are much more harmful than baked potato chips. But over all potato chips is danger to the health. Potato chips cause more health problems. Basically potatoes are rich in carbohydrate content and even it is not suggest able to the people who are suffering with joint pains and body pains. Also it is not suggest able to add in regular diet, regular portion of potato can arise lot of health problems in that mainly body pains and increasing fatty content in the body.

Danger with Potato Chips

Potato nutrient values are carbohydrates – 17grams which is much more than actual and sodium 6mg which should not consume daily and potassium – 421mg daily value for the body is approximately 12%. Calories 77, proteins 2grams. Not only can that it increase the sugar levels in the body. Coming to deep fried potato chips in oil will increase the risk factor to the body. Major health problems arise by consuming potato chips are listed below.

1)      High calories:

Potato chips contain high calories. While deep frying it extra oil content stores in potato chips, this will increase percentage of calories in chips. Calories percentage triples than before frying. When consuming potato chips lead to increase the high calories in the body, which leads to increase the fat content in unwanted body parts heavily.

2)      Causing cancer:

Fried potato chips gain more oil and also generate unwanted chemical changes in the food. While frying potato upper layer of the potato become brown or yellow, to become such colour there should be some chemical reactions takes place and these chemical changes tend to cause cancer. Recently research revealed this dangerous fact in potato chips.

3)      Increase blood pressure:

Another dangerous think with potato chips is, it causes blood pressure. After taking out from the oil, on top of Potato chips salt is going to sprinkle. This increase the sodium content in potato chips and this tend to increase the chance heart attack and heart failure and kidney diseases. High sodium quantity in salt lead to number of problems in the body. Sodium content can decrease the functionality of the brain. In an average potato chips contain 140 to 180 milli grams of sodium, which is in high ratio compare with other food products.

Danger with Potato Chips01

4)      Increase cholesterol levels

Basic carbohydrate levels in potato and added extra oil content to the potato chips made rich in cholesterol levels. By consuming potato chips extra cholesterol adds to the body and cholesterol stores in blood circulatory vessels. This cause to increase blood pressure and stored fatty cholesterol prevents the blood circulation. It leads to lower the blood circulation in the body, with that affect low blood pressure and heart diseases will arise.

5)      Diabetic problems:

Potato chips contain sugar levels also. Cells extract sugar content from the potato chips and increase the sugar levels in the body. Regular consumption of potato chips leads to increase the sugar problems.

6)      Cough and drought:

Oily potato chips cause for dry cough and cause to raise drought in the internal nervous system.

Danger with Potato Chips02

Eating potato chips is strictly avoided and make sure that the consumption of potato also regularise in daily meal. Now a day’s consuming potato chips become fashion and every one use to encourage taking potato chips. Mainly parents should take about their children to stop eating potato chips, because the major affect which discussed above will affect fast in children. Prior prevention and precaution about potato chips will lead to healthy life. Even it is not suggest able to take occasionally also. Occasionally also taking such foods become side affects to the body.

Not only these problems daily consumption of oily potato chips will decrease the skin glow and increase the moisture levels in face and body. It can cause to dizziness on the top of the skin.

So better to avoid eating potato chips. If want to take potato better to take baked potatoes or else take in less quantity or else add very little bit of salt may reduce the problems which caused by the potato chips.

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