7 Dangerous Cancer Causing Foods

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Dangerous Cancer Causing Foods

Now a days cancer is the major problem which is facing by all the world. It can cause by the number of elements which come in our daily life. Most of the people don’t know the causes of cancer and even 70% to 80% of the people don’t have awareness.

10 Dangerous Cancer Causing Foods

Most of the people are food lover, they use to take the food as they wish and they are not bothering about which type of food and how much quantity they are eating. This has to be changed. Before taking food it is necessary to analyze its composition.

The most dangerous food which causes of Cancer as follow,

  1. Beef Jerky

Beef jerky is the best protein packed food. This what everyone knows but with the high protein pack, it is also high in nitrites. Which are more dangerous and causes of Cancer. Most of the foods are composed with nitrites but beef jerkies are composed highly with nitrites.

Nitrites are used to bring the color to the jerky and it also keeps the jerkies fresh for moths. It stores in shelves for a long time. This kind of food preserving increases the composition of nitrites in the food. That leads to Cancer.

  1. Canned Foods

It is highly recommended to avoid canned food. To avoid cooking headaches most of the working people prefer to have canned food. Canned food majorly composed with added ingredients which helps to preserve for a long time.

It is better to take canned food which is specified as BPA free. BPA is mainly causing ingredient in canned foods. Bisphenol-A (BPA) is the agent causes of Cancer.

  1. Popcorn from microwave

Popcorn is the best food to consume. It is rich in minerals and other best nutrient values. Every one is using to eat popcorn while watching movies and at outing places. This is good for everyone. But microwaved popcorn is dangerous to health, and it can cause to cancer.

Microwaves should pass through the popcorn seeds to make them popcorn balls. These microwave rays are dangerous and by consuming such food leads to cause Cancer. It is better to avoid making popcorn in microwave.

With the absorption of microwave rays it creates Perfluorooctanoic acid, which effect on body internal parts and effects to cause Cancer.

  1. Cola beverages

Colas are dangerous beverages. The Major composition of these cols beverages are with sugar and chemicals. Chemical composition food or liquids are highly recommended to avoid. But unfortunately most of the people addict to colas.

Added to colas, most of the people use to take fatty food and other oily foods. This mix will degrade the digestive system. Also, this mix generates acids, which effects on body parts. For long time taking such colas will cause to Cacer.

High fructose syrup added in cola will charge any existing cancer causing cells in the body. This syrup works like a feed to those cells. High levels of fructose syrup will increase the sugar levels in the blood. 4-MI (methylimidazole) is the major ingredient in cola which gives color to it. This formula linked with cancer causing cells.

  1. Fried Snacks

Fried snacks love everyone. But most of the people forgot to have a sight on the composition of the pack. Fried snack which serves in sealed pack are mostly deep fried. It is mandatory to do deep fry to get crunchy snack. Without deep fry it is difficult to get such structure.

In this process snack become brownish and few are in yellow color. Deep fried snacks absorb highly boiled repeatedly. Boiled oil not permeable to consume, but unfortunately most of the snack makers do the same process to gain profits. This is what will effect on people who consumes such snacks.

Repeatedly boiling oil produces highly concentrated acids, which are harmful to the body. Such kind of oil absorbed foods is also effected on health. It is better to avoid such foods or go for some alternatives.

  1. Dieting foods

Due to heavy weight , high sugar levels or with some other problems people use to follow diet foods. Diet foods is mainly focussing on reducing calories and sugar quantity and fatty content. This 3 elements are made attractive to the people who wish to take diet foods.

But everyone forgot the side effects cause by these foods. To reduce sugar,fatty acids and calories count companies are trying to add some artificial chemical flavors to get sweeten, low calories and low fat in the foods. These chemicals have shown the symptoms of causing cancer.

ASPARTAME is the agent which most of the companies add to their products to bring sweetness, this agent causes to cancer cells in the body. It is recommended to the people before taking diet food see the product composition.

  1. GMO foods

Now a days crops are becoming pesticide products. Without pesticides it is difficult to have food to consume. Even though somewhat those foods can be accepted. But in advance technology crop seeds are becoming GMO.

GMO foods are more dangerous than pesticide foods. Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) foods are produced by changing its genetic structure to bring more productivity. Such organisms modified foods are effects on health can cause genetic disorders. GMO foods are cause of Cancer.

It is better to have foods which are NON-GMO verified. GMO culture probe the people to avoid, but some kind of products are available in the market. So keep a distance from such foods to prevent from Cancer causing cells and genetic disorder.

It is suggested to everyone that before consuming any food have a look at the composed catalog, which shows the complete information about the product and type of agents which they are using. Natural food products are good for health and everyone should have some awareness about the type of foods we are consuming.

Cancer cell growth and its symptoms finding take longer time. Before symptoms shown in the body, it is better to stop consuming such foods which may reduce the effect of cancer. In this advanced technology also these revelations wouldn’t find complete cancer curing Medicare. So it is better to know preventing ways and follow.

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