Lung Cancer Can Be Detected With Blood Test

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Lung Cancer Can Be Detected With Blood Test
The disease can be detected with a simple blood test as the Scientists found that the people who have the disease comprises of high protein levels in the blood.
The main symptom for the lung cancer diagnosed is, the patient with the disease contain protein called isocitrate dehydrogenase(IDH1),where it is first the first indication of the disease. The study says the detection of the disease is done by the diagnosis of non-small cell lung cancers where it is done by the usage of large number of clinical samples.
The mortality rate in the lung cancer is high because of the delayed diagnosis, as the mortality rate is getting increased day by day it is advised by the scientists for early diagnosis of the cancer.IDH1 is detected very specifically with plasma biomarker with the diagnosis of NSCLC particularly lung adenocarcinoma. It is identified that the lung cancer can be identified with the blood  test of IDH1 with 76percent sensitivity and 77 percent specificity. With the latest mathematical model they have combined detection of IDH1 with the analysis of existing markers, where the sensitivity increased to 86 percent.
As per the present studies it is revealed that Lung Cancer can be detected by IDH1 in the first stage, but detecting pre cancer stage by IDH1 might be done by the further studies.
With the cooperation of Cancer Institute and Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, scientists collected blood samples of 943 patients with NSCLC and 479 healthy controls registered in between 2007 and 2011.
The participants who are neither had cancer diagnosis nor treated for cancer prior to the study in the before three years.
The levels of IDH1 and other existing markers are measured in the participant’s blood by the researchers.
Researchers who collected blood samples from the participants divided them into two sets where one set is considered as training set and the other as test set in order to authenticate the IDH1 detection efficiency.
Thus they found that the test set were good compared to the training set, hence it indicated the constitution of IDH1 as a biomarker in diagnosis of Lung cancer.
Researchers also said that IDH1 may be engrossed in the development of lung cancer and target for the treatment of NSCLC.Tags:  Lung Cancer,Lung Cancer cure,Lung Cancer test,Lung Cancer treatment,Lung Cancer blood test,Health Tips,ehealth tips,ehealthtips,healthytip,daily Health tip,beauty tips,doctor advice,ehealthytip,,,homeremedies,Skincare tips,Weight loss tips,Weight gain tips,Hair care tips



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