Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

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Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy
Pregnancy is the best gift that is given by the god to women, at the time of pregnancy there are several myths developed in the mind of a carrying women, specially about the food that to be taken and to avoid the kind of foods. Let us see some foods to avoid during pregnancy and why to do so…..
Sea Food:
Sea food is prescribed by many doctors as it is rich in omega 3 fatty acids in it. But some kind of sea foods like Shark, king mackerel, crabs, prawns and salmon as they contain high levels mercury which damages the baby’s brain.
Half Boiled/Cooked Food:
Food that is raw or not cooked properly should be avoided, as it is the source of bacteria and viruses to enter into the body, which may affect the digestion process. It is advised to eat well and properly cooked food under healthy atmosphere in order to avoid cross contamination.

Unpasteurised Food:
Dairy products which are pasteurized is highly dangerous as they are the source of food borne diseases. It is better to avoid foods like feta and brie, instead you can take mozzarella, cottage cheese and skim milk.

Non-Hygienic Vegetables And Fruits:
Fruits and Vegetables are no doubt, they are best foods to consume during pregnancy, but remember to opt fresh and hygienic fruits and vegetables. It is better to avoid vegetables that are not cooked properly and fruits which are not washed. The germs and bacteria that contains in these types of foods acts as a source of diseases which spoil the entire immune system. Wash the fruits and vegetables thoroughly with warm water to avoid bacteria that enters into the body.

Coffee, Tea And Alcoholic Beverages:
By consuming the caffeine, tea and alcohol during pregnancy leads to miss carriages during pregnancy. It is also avoided to prevent some birth defects to the child and to avoid complications that are usually caused in the pregnancy.
Follow the each and every tip properly and get rid of complications that are caused with some types of foods.
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