Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water

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Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water
Lemon is a yellow fruit where it is can be used in several forms and its pulp, juice, peel and even seeds can be used in various products. It tastes sour due to the presence of 5% to 6% of citric acid in lime juice. As it’s taste is different and it makes the important ingredient in any health diets such as cocktails, lemonade diet and drinks which are prepared for consuming in summer seasons.
Lemon juice is widely used in the foods which are tending to degradation. The lemon can also used as preservatives the acids in the lemon helps denatures the enzymes which in turn helps food not to turn brown such as apples, bananas and avocados.

Lemon has several uses, where it can be used as alternative in various foods for taste, it is highly effective in getting flat tummy by drinking this water daily in the morning. Let us see the ways to try lemon water in the morning.
Though it is not the supplement for coffee, It gives several benefits by taking in the morning and coffee can be postponed for 30 minutes. Though it does not give the taste ,aroma and warmth as coffee it is suggested to provide other benefits to the human body.
§ Minimizing Cancer Cells: Cancer cells are well known that they are grown in the body which is highly acidic, though human body is known as healthy when it contains better alkaline content, though lemon is high in acidic levels, it also plays a vital role in decreasing the acidic levels by acting as alkalizing agent. So many people they are not aware of their body that tends to acidic by their food habits and exposure to sun, these people drinking lemon water daily makes to come down the levels of pH.
§  Source Of Vitamins And Minerals: As it is well known that the fruit which is yellow in colour is rich in Vitamin C and also known to be rich in anti-oxidants, anti-bacterial and also helps improving immunity. Vitamin B is utilized in production of energy, Riboflavin helps in growth improvement, repairing and developing tissues including minerals like calcium, magnesium and phosphorous which helps in building the strength to bones and  teeth.

§  Purification Of Liver: Liver purification is one of the best performed by the lemon water. Liver is the main organ which detoxifies the body. It also produces proteins and bio-chemicals which plays a vital role in proper digestion. The research shows that the lemon water makes to perform the work of liver better by increasing the enzymes of the liver to take active participation in detoxification of the body. The urination of the body increases and as a result the body is purifies ultimately by drinking lemon water.
§  Anti-Ageing:Lemon is the perfect for fighting aging. It has the property of erasing the wrinkles and making skin looking glow and beautiful. When the toxins are present in the body the face looks dull and appears wrinkles on the face and body, by consuming the lemon water regularly it detoxifies the body fluids and makes to feel young and look healthy ever.
§  Treats Weight Loss: Body metabolism gets disturbed due to the presence of too many toxins which are produced by liver. The waste which is deposited in the body in the form of fat can be eliminated by consuming lemon water regularly. Not exclusively lemon water, it has to be supported with proper diet and physical exercise.

§  Cures Respiratory Ailments: It treats chest problems effectively, it helps in curing infections, small coughs and it is the best remedy for the people who suffers with asthma and allergies. Lemon also can be used in treating bad breath, tooth ache and some gum problems. By consuming much lemon juice may result in the enamel loss which harms tooth.
Home Made Lemon Juice:
Ø  Take a full glass of water(it is cool or room temp),people who suffers with digestion can take hot water.
Ø  Squeeze half slice of lemon juice in the glass of water.
Ø  Blend this mixture.
Ø  Serve without sugar.
Note:Bottled lemon water is avoided as it contains the sulphites which leads to allergies in some people.
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