Economic Health Advantages Of Holy Basil(Tulsi)

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Economic Health Advantages Of Holy Basil(Tulsi)
Tulsi plays a very prominent role in Indian tradition, as it is recommended by many people to perform Pooja because it increases happiness, keeping this suggestion aside,Tulsi is the source of  abundant health benefits. It plays a vital role in keeping mind, body and spirit balanced. It has the natural healing power. It has various uses in  Ayurveda for medication etc..
Ø It is used in the form of organic medication to cure normal fever,flu,Dengue and other common problems.
Ø Fresh tulsi juice when smelled, person suffering with severe headache, gets relaxed.
Ø  Basil leaves chewed in the morning keeps away dyspepsia(in-digestion) and keeps stomach feel free.
Ø  It is the constituent element in all medicines for cough, Bronchitis, Asthma, flu,  congestion and treats many other common ailments.
Ø  It regulates the Immune system, increases resistance power by chewing basil leaves daily without fail, it destroys infected and malignant cells.
Ø  It cures number of contagious diseases like Ring worm, infection, itching, leucoderma etc…
Ø  It has the capacity of strengthening kidney and plays intended role in curing Archaic kidney stones.
Ø  It possess the quality of repairing skin cells in order to glow the skin. It also used in several skin care products like in anti-aging.
Ø  Teeth and mouth care is obtained by Basil due to possession of anti-bacterial properties.
Ø  It is one of the excellent plant as it contains Anti-Oxidants which assists in keeping away all type of diseases, especially it is very effective in curing Type-2 Diabetes, with release of good amount of glucose when required.
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