8 Health and Beauty Tips with Baking Soda

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8 Health and Beauty Tips with Baking Soda

Baking soda uses are many more for health and beauty.Baking Soda is use for best home remedy add for health and beautness.We will be discuss about best tips with baking soda.Baking Soda is very effective anti-flammatory properties so it is use for cosmetics in treatment to prevent skin diseases and other skin related problems.

1. Skin care Treatment

Baking Soda is perfect solution for dry skin and ichthyosis,dermatitis.Here is the medical water treatment for skin,

Follow Ingredients:

White Baking soda – 50g,
Magnesium Carbonate – 200g ,
Magnesium Perborate – 140g,

Take the above three in a glass bowl and mix with hot water(100°F).Now clean your skin for 15-20 minutes.

2. Baking soda For acne and inflamed skin

Take 1 tea spoon Baking soda and 1 tea spoon sugar into cup of boil water.Use cotton to dip in to the boil water and rub gently on the affected areas.Leave it for 15minutes and wash it with soapy water water.Later take the smooth brush and apply sesame oil and brush it in 5 minutes of time.After 60 minutes wash your face with the warm water do not use any soap or face wash creams.

Now take a cotton ball and dip into baking soda and rub gently on skin.Start this gentle massage from forehead till chin.Do this process one time in a week.

Note:If you are not sure about the skin type before start this procedure consult beautician.Some skin types may not work with Baking soda it will effect the skin problems too.

3. Baking soda For Body wash scrub

Take two table spoons of baking soda in a plastic bowl and add 1/4 of shower gel in it.Mix well this mixture and apply on your body and scrub it for 10-15minutes.Later wash it with warm water for best result.

4. Baking Soda to Treat freckles and blemishes

Baking soda also use to get rid from freckles and blemishes.Mix 6 table spoons of baking soda in a cup of water and gently rub this mixture on areas.Do this process several times in entire day.


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    5. Best for hair cleaner

    Very few people knew that Sodium bicarbonate is best useful to remove accumulate debris in hair treatment and also help to regrowth of hair.Simple add 1 tea spoon of baking soda in Shampoo bottle and shake it before use it.After add baking soda it is not mandatory to dialute the shampoo for hair use.

    6. Nails Whitening

    Even for nails cleaning also baking soda will help to whitening.Take a hard bush and put some baking soda on it and start brush the finger nails for 10-15minutes.If you apply any colors on nails for beauty look also baking soda easily clean this and make it white.Whose prefer strong colors for nails to polish the nails those need baking soda to clean up clearly.

    7. Use For Teeth whitening

    Instead of tooth paste put some amount of baking soda on tooth brush and rinse the teeth.Do this process least 10 minutes to whitening teeth.

    8. Baking soda For mouthwash

    To clean bacteria formed because of last night food baking soda help to fresh it and cure the breath from bad smell.

    Follow Ingredients:

    Baking Soda -1 tbsp
    Peppermint Essential oil -3 drops
    Normal Water- 1 Glass
    Mix the above three and it is the mouthwash.Do mouthwash twice in a day for good result.

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