Tips for Healthy Eyes

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Tips for Healthy Eyes
The most precious organ in our body especially Face are Eyes .Just because of Eyes we are able to lead a happy and Secure Life, it is our minimum Responsibility to keep our Eyes Healthy and Safe. Here are some tips which helps to make your eyes more improved.
Make Sure Of Comprehensive Dilated Eye Exam
            Many people think that there is no problem with their vision once they examined with doctor, it is no the correct way the only way to make sure of your vision’s health is consulting doctor for Comprehensive Dilated Eye Exam, it detects several eye diseases like glaucoma, diabetic eye disease, Age related macular Degeneration in starting stages as they are not detected by other checkups. In the process of Comprehensive dilated eye exam, doctor  places eye drops in order to dilate the eyes where the pupil is exposed to light effectively and widens the tissue of eye to enter light perfectly, so that ophthalmologist can observe the later portion of the eye where he will be sure whether it is healthy where you can see whatever you want whether it is near or far.
Is Your Family Having Any Complaints Of Eyes
            This may occur even though any one of your family carries this disease as it is hereditary, just have a chat with your family members in order to make sure of your eye sight is by hereditary, so that you can take a step before you diagnose with any Symptoms.
Choose Healthy Diet
            Beta-carotene and Vitamin-A are essential for a good eye sight, it is well known that carrots contains Beta-carotene, so eat without any regrets. Particularly green leafy vegetables and fruits gives plenty of Vitamin-A which plays a major role in maintaining a healthy vision. Doctors also advices to take Fish which are rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as Tuna and protein rich food like Tofu, curd etc
Watch Your Weight

           One of the popular reason to get diabetic is over weight, as it results in Diabetic eye disease and other health complications like obesity, chronic diseases and even it may lead to loss of vision. consult your doctor to maintain a healthy weight.

Protect Your Eyes
            Give your eyes protection when they happen to strain whether on working out sides or in home by wearing protection glasses or goggles. wear goggles before leaving home in hot sun as the heat from direct sun may cause damage to eyes. while welding one should wear Polycarbonate glasses in which it has the resistance to the sparkles enter to eyes and gives ten times better protection then any other protection gives.
Give Up Smoking
            It is aware that smoking causes many side effects like lung disease, chronic desease,age-related macular disease, cataract and which leads to loss of vision.
Wear Sunglasses

Instead of wearing sun glasses for fashion, think it as necessary element in order to protect UV-A and UV-B rays from sun 100%.It protects both eyes and surrounding area which get affected causing dark circles as the area around the eyes is very sensitive.

Rest Eyes For Some Time
            When you work continuously with eyes by watching TV or browsing computer eyes may get strained, to avoid this for every 20 minutes make sure you stare at long distances for 20 seconds, so that eyes get relaxed. Follow this when ever you feel strained.
Maintain Hygiene For Your Hands And Lenses
            Using contact lenses is very typical task, as one should maintain a high safety while putting and removing lenses as they infect easily. So to prevent this wash your hands thoroughly while replacing lenses.
Eye Safety At Work
            While at work make sure you are wearing a perfect optical which suits your sight in order to protect them from exposed to rays that your computer delivers.
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