Broccoli Best Facts And Benefits

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Broccoli Best Facts And Benefits

Broccoli is the ever green plant for healthiness and best for more number of other benefits. Broccoli belongs to Cabbage family. It extends the value than cabbage. Its large flowering heads are rich in nutrient values. Broccoli can consume by boiling or steamed or by raw also. Usually it colour in green and tree like structure attracts. It looks similar to Cauliflower but it differs in colour and other portion in structure and it family, health benefits etc. Broccoli considered as the premium and unique food value for Italians and most of the Italians prefer to add Broccoli in their daily diet. It is rich in vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates and poor in fatty content. Nutrition values in 100grams of Broccoli,


Þ    Carbohydrates — 6.64grams

Þ    Fat                  — 0.37grams

Þ    Proteins          — 2.82grams

Þ    Vitamins         — 220%

Þ    Minerals          — 45%

Þ    Water              — 89.3grams.

Broccoli available in different varieties, In all most widely used varieties are Calabrese broccoli, which is more popular and large in green heads, thick stalks compare with others. Another one is Sprouting broccoli and Purple Cauliflower is also belongs to broccoli family and it is more popular in Italy.


Taking broccoli by streaming can be added advantage to the body, it can controls the cholesterol levels and it can lower the cholesterol levels too in the body. Fiber levels helps to control acids in the body and makes digestive system much better. Detoxification in the body plays key role for proper functionality of body parts, researchers identified recently detoxification benefits given by broccoli. 3 major glucosinolate phyto nutrients which are Glucoraphanin, gluconasturtian, glucobrassicin found by the researchers. These are most important nutrients to the body.

Broccoli is rich in vitamins K and D. These vitamins are dehydrators to the body and Good for diet control and Vitamin A gives beta-carotene. This combination gives all the vitamin requirements to the body up to maximum levels.

Broccoli is also rich in flavonoids. These flavonoids avoid allergy related problems. This is the best food for hyper allergy problems.

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Health benefits with broccoli listed below,

Most of us know that broccoli is rich in vitamins, nutrients, minerals and carbohydrates. This facilitates to take broccoli by most of the people and it avoids major health issues and reduces health problems, melts fatty content in the body. Specific representation of values and its specific medic to the body parts are,

  1. Reducing Cholesterol: Broccoli with rich soluble fiber content makes cholesterol reduction and preventing from cholesterol causing in the body. Steamed or boiled broccoli reduces the cholesterol content in the body.
  2. Preventing Cancer: Excess amount of iron also causes to cancer, this can be lower by phytic acid (IP6) available in broccoli. Lack of sun projection may raise cancer issues in the body. Broccoli with plenty of Vitamin D levels can balance this problem. All kinds of foods may not perfect to prevent Cancer problem, but broccoli can resolve most of the problem arising parts in the body.
  3. Hyper allergy preventer: Major skin problem on the body is allergy and this can be avoid and cures from it. Allergy may cause by internal food reaction or external surroundings. This can be reduced by the trio enzymes generated by broccoli. Small portion of broccoli in a week can resolve such hyper allergy and normal allergy problems too. It can produce Omega-3 fatty acids which are takes major part in anti-inflammatory system.
  4. Strong antioxidant: Broccoli is the best source for concentrated Vitamin C. Vitamin C acids works better for body recycling process to work well. Other significant anti oxidants produce by broccoli are carotenoids lutein, Zeaxanthin and beta-carotene. These are also important to body proper functionality.
  5. Strengthens the bones: Calcium is the major source to strengthen bones. Most of the people facing bones low density problem, this is due to low levels of calcium in the body. Vitamin K is the best resource for calcium, with rich value of Vitamin k in broccoli strengthens the bones.
  6. Heart Care: Fatty material clouting in the blood valves causes major heart problems and lower blood vessel functionality arise the problem of red blood cells count reduction. These heart problems can be reducing by Sulforaphane, which is the anti-inflammatory enzyme.
  7. Good for diet: Weight loses and managing regular diet can be made easy. Small portion of broccoli Regularize body weight. Heavy fatty content parts can be melt fatty material by the enzymes. Low calories and low fat content in the broccoli referred as the best food for diet. High levels of fiber content in broccoli regularize digestive system and prevents constipation and maintains sugar levels low.

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These are the best and major healthy facts, which can be possibly, give the best result by consuming broccoli regularly. Its greenish heads produce healthy benefits to the body. To reduce heavy weight and to prevent major health problems in the body, broccoli is the best option. Scientist suggested this is the one of the best foods to reduce cancer radicals in the body and for controlling cholesterol.

Best part in the broccoli is it can be eatable in raw also. Vitamins and minerals and other benefits from broccoli will be more by eating raw broccoli. Steamed broccoli is also best to eat and to grab more nutrient values to the body.

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