Best Health Benefits Of Corn

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Maize, well known as corn is a large agricultural crop. Corn is using in many industries. Corn is using in most of the food products as raw material. Corn is used directly in food. It is rich in fiber and nutrient values when compare with all other well known healthy agricultural products, like wheat, barley, potato, cassava etc. Corn using by the people in many variety forms like corn flakes, baby corn, corn flour, corn seeds etc. Even it can generate starch by cooking it. Depends upon starch levels in corn it is classified in to different varieties. Those are, Flour corn, pop corn, dent corn, sweet corn, flint corn, waxy corn, pod corn and amyli corn, striped corn etc. Corn is also rich in flavonoids, carotenes, nutrients, minerals and carbohydrates. Have a brief look on its nutrient values,

An ear of corn isolated on a white background

Energy             — 360KJ

        Carbohydrates — 18.7grams

        Starch              — 5.7grams

        Sugars             — 6.26grams

        Fiber                — 2grams

        Fat                   — 1.35grams

        Water              — 75.96g.

Not only in the measurement table, but also it is the best in all as elements like energy, sugar levels, vitamins, proteins, fatty acids and fiber etc. When the scientists compare with all remaining food products, corn lead the first place and Rice, wheat, potato, cassava, soybean, sweet potato(Camote), sorghum, yam, plantain are in next sequential order. These all are vary in different element levels, but corn is the best in all kinds of nutrients supplement.


Corn available in different colours too, like yellow, white, blue, purple and red. These all flavours are good in best anti- oxidant value. The colour vary differ depends upon phytonutrient combination. High quantity of lutein and Zeaxanthin concentration are found by the researchers in yellow corn. Due to high anthocyanins corn coloured like blue and due to hydroxybenzoic coloured like purple.

Health Benefits Of Corn02

Carotenoid anti oxidants in corn are rich, especially in yellow corn researches flung more number of carotenoid anti oxidants compare with remaining flavors. It give more number of anti oxidant nutrients when compare with remaining food materials. Corn is the best booster for increasing iron levels in the body. From corn we can’t absorb iron in direct method.

Beta carotene and lutein, zeaxanthin are in high level compare with other foods factors in 100gram quantity, even though it is good to consume. By the consumption of corn can give much more beta-carotene mainly from yellow corn and this is the major factor in food, which makes body healthier. With plenty of soluble fiber in corn metabolized by bacteria of intestinal in to short chain fatty acids (SCFAs). These SCFAs helps body to grow healthy bacteria, which mainly focus on preventing bad cells entering in to body and fights with bad cells entered in to body, which causes health issues. SCFAs are plays best role in cell protection and cell growth. An active cell takes major part in circulatory system and healthy body functionality. It can also help to control Colon Cancer. One single meal proteins can grab from 2 and half cup of corn. Consuming large amount of corn may affect the body. Small portions for long time will show good result. Consuming corn regularly may show the best result. Few more healthy benefits with corn.

v  Improves digestion: Rich in fiber content in corn helps to prevent constipation and improves digestive system functionality. Fiber content in the corn plays key role to increase digestion and it prevents most of the health problems too.

v  Healthy gain: With rich calories and carbs gives good diet to the body. It won’t give extra calories or fatty acids to the body, but gives fairly and glorious skin tone.

v  Controls Diabetes: Corn controls and reduces the stress levels in the body. It give rich carbohydrates and proteins use full to body. By consuming corn can reduce the stress causing enzymes and controls the level of stress.

v  Reduce Visual impairment: Yellow part in corn seed contain arynoids mainly reduce the impairment of visual problem.

Health Benefits Of Corn01

v  Good for pregnant women: Rich fiber, calories, iron and plenty of vitamins are suggested for pregnant women to add it to their regular diet. It is suggest able by the experts also.

v  Best cholesterol regulator: Corn is the best to reduce cholesterol in the body. Mainly suggest able to heart problem persons and also helps in cardio vascular   diseases. Fiber content in the corn improves the circulatory system in the body.

v  Raw material for health products: Rich starch content in corn using in number of cosmetic products. It can also help full to avoid skin problems by topically soothing.

Corn used now a days in different food materials and its rich nutrients are suggest able to take at any age group people. Especially it is more help full to children for their healthy grow with strengthen bones and body. It rich factor nutrients helps to improve brain maturing levels. So, eat, gain and enjoy.

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