14 Reasons Behind Eating Cucumber(Kheera)

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14 Reasons Behind Eating Cucumber(Kheera)
Cucumber is generally termed as kheera which is reservoir of water and many other health benefits. While your shopping basket is dropped with a handful of cucumbers, your home and family is full of health. Cucumber got several advantages let us have a look on them…
1.Rehydration With Cucumber: If you couldnot drink water in your busy schedule,compensate it with a cool cucumber which is full of 90% of water.
2.Flushes Heat Outwards: Body gets instant relief from sun burns whicle the effected area is rubbed with cucumber pieces.

3.Elimination Of Toxins: Cuccumber acts as broom and sweeps all the waste that is deposited in stomach and it is known for dissolving stones kidneys.
4.Refreshes Daily Vitamins: Cucumbers is the good substituent for all the vitamins that a body needs.It provides A,B and C vitamins which helps in boosting the immune system and helps in providing energy for regular activities. When it is blended with carrot and spinach, it acts as a radiant agent to skin which makes skin glow and beautiful.
5.Supplies Skin Friendly Minerals: Cucumber is abundant in potassium, magnesium and silicon and this is the reason behind why the spas use in beauty treatments.
6.Helps In Digestion And Weight Loss:As it is rich in water and contains low calories, it is very ideal food for the people who are in the process of losing weight. People who suffers indigestion can take it in salads and soups to overcome the problem and it is the good workout for jaws by chewing it. As it is good for digestion and helps to relieve chronic constipation.
7.Energise The  Eyes: Cucumber is rich in its anti inflammatory properties. Placing the chilled cucumber pieces on eyes helps reducing puffiness and eye bags under eyes.
8.Fights Cancer Cells: Cucumber contains secoisolariciresinol,lariciresinol and pinoresinol. These three lignans have the properties of reducing the risk of developing cancer cells particularly ovarian, breast, prostate and uterine cancer.

9.It Helps In Reducing Cholesterol, Diabetes and Blood Pressure: Cucumber is very beneficial to diabetic people as it contains a hormone which boosts insulin production by pancreas. It is rich in fiber, minerals, potassium and magnesium, It also plays a vital role in digestion. It also having the property of managing blood pressure levels for both high blood pressure and low blood pressure.
10.Controls Unpleasant breath From Mouth: Cucumber juice is very beneficial for mouth health. Holding a cucumber slice on the roof of mouth with your tongue for half minute. By doing this process bacteria that causes bad breath in the mouth gets killed.
11.Helps To Get Smooth Hair And Nails:Silica that is present in the cucumber helps in maintaining beauty of nails and hair. The sulphur that is present in the cucumber boosts hair growth.

12.Promoting Joint Health: As it is a good source of silica it helps in promoting joint health by strengthening tissues that connects joints. It also relieves gout and arthritis pain when mixed with carrot that helps in reducing uric acid levels.
13.Cures Hangover: Headaches in the morning and hangover can be reduced by consuming some cucumber slices before going to bed. They are rich in Vitamin B, Sugar and electrolytes.
14.Maintains Kidney In Shape: It helps in lowering uric acid and maintains kidney health properly.

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