Best Foods That Increase Sperm Count

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Best Foods that Increase Sperm Count

Every married couple eagerly waits for children and every women wants become mother. But due to number of reasons, few couples are not able to get this chance. There are number of reasons for that and todays advanced technology also one of the reason to decrease this chance.

Due to high frequencies all around, it effects on decreasing of sperm count in female. This has to be change to get a chance to give birth to a child. Most of the families still suffering with this problem. To avoid this low sperms and to increase the count, suggested and experimentally proven facts involved in foods that are makes to increase the sperm count and will increase the chance to give birth to a child.

Let us see these food facts,

  1. Dark chocolate: It is rich in nutritious values. Chocolate has number of benefits in it, by taking 100g of chocolate, can give 11gm of fiber and high quantity of iron, magnesium, copper and manganese,potassium,phosphorous and zinc.

Not only that it contains L-arginine HCL active ingredient which helps to increase sperm count in men.It is a powerful anti oxidant.

  1. Garlic: Majorly it contains vitamin B6 and selenium, these to controls the sperm damage and increase the strengthens the sperms. It is also best anto oxident which controls the blood pressure and frees the blood circulation in the body, this is also plays major part in increasing the sperm count.
  2. Pomogranates: By taking daily basis can increase sperm count by killing free radicals in the body. Also reduce Malondiadehyde, which cause to damaging the sperms.

It is a very good fruit family which helps to reduce number of risk factors in the body by taking regular basis. It improves blood levels in the body and helps to good digestive system.

Best Foods that Increase Sperm Count

  1. Bananas: Banana is one of the old and the best fruit for all kinds of problems solution in the body. Daily one banana gives a good health and avoids health issues in future. One of the most important fact is, its DNA structure similar to humans DNA structure. However it helps to human body to regenerate nutrients.

Banana contains vintamin A, B1 and Vitamin C. These vitamins plays major part in producing sperms. So, Daily one banana will improve the production of the sperms and its strength.

  1. Fruit Salad: Rich anti oxidant contained fruits are strawberries, Oranges and Cherries. Anti oxidant reduce the sperm damage and increase the sperm count. Rich folic acid contained fruits mix will strenthens the sperma and kills the free radicals, which damage the sperms.

By these fruits contain vitamin C, which protects the sperms and increase the possibilities of fertilization.

  1. Walnuts: This is suggest able to every one that, by taking a cup of walnuts a day will avoid all the health problems. This is also very rich in arginine,which helps in increasing semen and promotes the production of sperms.

It also contains Omega-3 fatty acids, which smoothens the blood circulation in the penis and strengthens the sperms composition.

  1. Spinach: Folic acid is responsible for strengthen the sperms and increasing the motility. Spinach contains folic acid in high levels, so it helps to sperms strengthen and stability. Also it is rich in nutrients with low calories. It decreases the blood pressure occurrence.

It has a number of other added benefits in it.

  1. Beef: This is one of the major foods to strengthen sperms. It is rich in calories and vitamins,minerals with fatty acids. It gives high zinc quantity to the body, which helps to prevent sperms from free radicals. Zinc takes place in conversion of testosterone into estrogen.
  2. Egg: It is also suggest able to every one. One egg daily leads to healthy life. It contain Vitamin E. Prevents degeneration of tissue of the testicles. It takes major part to nutralize free radicals and protects the cells from damage. It is the best anti oxidant.
  3. Water: It is mandatory for every living thing to take a specific quantity of water daily. Water improves the body functionality and increases the circulation of blood to various parts in the body.

It is the best nutralizer of body, it balances the PH value. Taking excess amount of water is also causes problems in the body. Drinking water is not only comes to count, but whatever the quantity of water included in the solid foods is also countable, so make sure the water quantity in daily life.

Best Foods that Increase Sperm Count01

Low sperm count problem can be reduced by following all these above foods. These are the best suggest able foods to increase and strenthen as well as to protect sperms. Improving possibility of fertilization is one of the major problem,that can be solve by these food facts. By following in a regular mannes will make the change and leads to good result in life.

Along with this try to avoid high frequencies which are generating from mobile phones and other wireless networks. In this advanced environment  is difficult to avoid but try to keep some distance by taking simple precautions like,

  • Avoid mobile phone beside your bed while sleeping. Keep signals low when at home. Keep your phone in back pocket or in shirt pocket.
  • Regular yoga and meditation is also best suggestion to improve internal body system.
  • Avoid late night sleep and maintain proper time schedule for regular diet and for sleep. Take sleep time atleast 6hours a day in the night.

These are the mainly suggest able tips to follow and make a good life with children and with good family. All the best.

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