7 Benefits of Being a Vegetarian

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7 Benefits Of Being Vegetarian
Vegetarians live long life compared to the people who eat meat. Eating meat moderately can never effect health. But as per the recent research, people who are vegetarians live long life compared to non vegetarians.
As per the recent research done by journal JAMA Internal Medicine and according to 32 other studies done on 1900 vegetarians and 2013 Non vegetarians found low blood pressure levels in vegetarians compared to non vegetarians.
Following Some Other Reasons For Non Veg vs Veg:
  1. Lower Blood Pressure: As per the latest study, researchers found that blood pressure levels are low in vegetarians compared to people who eat meat.
  1. Lower Death Risk: As per the study made in 2013 of 70,000 people found 12percent lower risk of death in vegetarians compared to non-vegetarians. As vegetarians does not suffer with fat that clogs arteries, so they are at low risk of death.
  1. Better Moods: A study which was conducted on 2012, participants of three categories such as all meat allowed, fish only and no-meat. Among all the three categories, vegetarians reported of mood improvements compared to the other two categories.
  1. Less Chance Of Chronic Complaints: A study in 2013, among 44,000 people reported chances of heart diseases are 32 % less compared to the people who eat meat.
  1. Lower Cancer Risks: As per the research made by Loma Linda University of California, there is decreased symptoms of cancer in vegetarians compared to Non-vegetarians. Though this study is not the final statement, there is more risk of cancer in women compared to men. Women primarily attacked by breast cancer and cervical cancer.
  1. Risk Of Diabetes Is Low: As per the recent studies, risk of diabetes is low in vegetarians as the non vegetarians could not maintain a healthy weight and blood sugar levels as they consume meat.
  1. Does Not Tend To Overweight: Researchers say that the vegetarians tend to be less weight as the cholesterol levels does not increase much. But in the Non vegetarians the BMI(Body Mass Index) is not maintained correctly.
As per the above statements non-vegetarians need not worry of their food habits. Maintaining a healthy diet and workouts always makes them keep healthy and fit. Vegetarians also face some problems being not eating meat. They are they may face iron and several other deficiencies, in this case, doctors advice to keep a health chart and follow the diet which are rich in vitamins and minerals particularly for the children who are growing as vegetarians.
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