Home Remedies For Ear Infection

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Ear Infection-Home Remedies
Ear Infection persists when the treatment is delayed, Follow the home remedies that are easily available in the Kitchen.
The infection which is natural that can be cured in the home is described below, if the Ear Infection/Ear Ache persists for longer Duration don’t waste time just Consult the Specialist for the Advice.
In the day time when you remain holding heads up position, then the Eustachian tubes deplete naturally in that particular position. Compared to day time the tubes may not get depleted due to the reason we do not swallow often in the night time Due to the captivation of the middle ear, creation of vacuum occurs resulting in the inwards eardrum.

When this type of problem occurs when you suffer from Sinus, cold or allergy or if you sleep hours together the problem may lead to severe earache due to the clogging of Eustachian tubes.
There are severe problems like Tinnitus, severe ear problems, throat infection and sinus may occur due to the infection in the middle ear or outer ear. There is a chance of building up of mucus in your ear when you suffer from high fever or unsparing cold.
Some of the natural remedies that can be used in the home and consulting specialized advisor may keep an end to ear infection and reduced earaches.
Ear Infection In Toddlers
In Toddlers during the breast feeding the child have the exercise of sucking milk from breasts where the straining of nerve that is connected to the ear to back of the throat gets drained due to which the Eustachian tubes dried out. In this age mostly visit the pediatricians for this particular problem.

The muscle compared to breast feed babies is not strained in the case of bottle fed babies because the teat does not enter deep in to the mouth so there is no chance of ear infection in the bottle fed babies. Breast feed babies often gets ear ache, it can be solved with the simple home remedies.
Natural Remedies in the Home for Ear Infection/Ear ache in Toddlers
One of the best and suitable remedy for ear infection and ear ache is the Germanium leaf. Keep germanium leaf in between your two fingers and the tip slowly allow it to the ear of infants, Due to the properties like anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-Inflammation it cures all the ear infections like Streptococcus, pneumococcus and haemophilus as it acts against the Respiratory microbes.
Infection in the Middle Ear (Otitis Media)
The infection which is occurred in the middle ear may lead to the temporary loss of hearing in on e or both the ears, it also causes fever and health problems like Nausea. The infection generally occur in the ear drum where small bones are located behind the ear.

The Eustachian or Auditory tubes that are located in the ear regulates the pressure which generates from ear and pushes back to nasal cavity. If virus or Bacteria gets hanged in the warm place where fluid start to build which results in the infection in that particular area. If the severe ear infection occurs it may lead to perforated ear drums.
Infection in the Outer Ear(Otis External) or Swimmer’s Ear
  • Infections are caused generally when we swim, shower or wash your hair, the germs get carried to the ear canal.
  • When this infection occurs, earlobe will be very tender to touch and itchy and pain occurs when the ear is pulled apart. When this problem recurs for a long time it is advisable to consult a specialist or the Doctor.
  • In this case it is advisable to follow the old saying “Prevention is better than Cure”, If the problem occurred in the Swimmer’s ear it is advisable to avoid swimming or shower in the Dirty or polluted water. After taking bath treat ears with special care by following daily wise routine to clean ear lobe with cotton so that excess water is absorbed, try to tilt the head to one side and then pull the ear lobe opposite to the direction so that water that is remained still will run out.
  • It is not advised to lean the ears with swabs or ear buds as they damage the sensitive part of the ear that may leads to bleeding and some times hearloss. It is prescribed to take the advice of Doctor before dealing anything with ear as it is sensitive part.
Home Remedies Using Ginger For Ear Infection
Gingerols that exists in the ginger which acts as natural Anti-Inflammatory and acts as natural pain killer. Ginger contains good natural antibiotic qualities.

Ginger juice is made by slicing ginger in to small pieces and boil in the water for 10 minutes, juice which is extracted from this place in a bowl, soak a cloth in the mixture and keep the soaked cloth on the ear of sufferer for 20 minutes to make him relaxed.
Authentic Remedies in the home for Ear infection using Olive oil and Garlic
Garlic which is termed as natural antibiotic and anti inflammatory ,contains of Vitamin A which acts very effectively on damaged tissues in order to strengthen the auditory nerves.

Take 15ml of olive oil and 4 cloves of garlic, heat the oil and put garlic in it and wait till the garlic becomes brown, strain the oil and preserve it in the glass jar, take cotton swab which is clean and drop two to three drops of garlic oil on it and place in the effected area for instant relaxation. Olive oil which is the source of purest fat does not allow bacteria to enter in to the wound.
Onion treatment for the Ear infection
Onion is the good source of natural Antihistamine, natural anti-inflammatory and natural antimicrobial property which is the effective way to cure the infection.
Take an onion which is medium to large in size, cut it in to small pieces and heat in the oven until it becomes soft, place the pieces  in a soft cloth and keep on the affected ear in order to get good relief form pain and inflammation.
Home Remedy for Ear wax Softening
Mix vinegar and warm water in equal portions, place the mixture in the ear with a dropper and allow it to settle down and let it dry, repeat the same process with the other ear and constantly for two to three times a day. If the wax that is in the ear gets hard make it soft by placing 2 to 3 drops of garlic oil. Wash out the wax with warm water continuously if irritation persists for longer time and patience is required during this treatment .
Vital Oils
Massaging with some oils when the Inflammation and oozing of liquids is excess, face, neck and the area around the ear. Apply some pressure around the ear area and downwards the hear may help in some way by flushing out the wax outside.


Oils that are prescribed for massaging are Rosemary, lavender, oregano, chamomile, tea tree, thyme and eucalyptus and these are to be used when your kid satisfies a particular age limit.
Cod-liver oil which is the good source of Vitamin A which helps in clearing the ear infection, the good amount of vitamin A which is available in the cod-liver oil also has the ability to cure disease like measles.
Elderberry Syrup
Elderberry syrup which has sufficient amount of antiviral properties helps in curing ear infections.
Diet to be taken for Ear Infection
Vitamin C and Zinc are very essential to make the immune system healthy and cures infections effectively. Concentrate on calcium intake and restrict hydrogenated oils and processed foods.
Precautions to Prevent ear infection
Ø  Wash your hands frequently to avoid risk of ear infection.
Ø  Smoking area is restricted and stay away from smoking.
Ø  Antibodies that are present in the breast milk prevent infections, so pressure your baby to breast feed.
Ø  Vaccination is must and should for a toddler, vaccinate your kid regularly.
Follow the above remedies for ear infections, if the infection persists for longer duration consult the specialist for earTags:Ear Infection,Ear Infection tips,Ear Infection cure tips,Ear Infection remedies,Ear Infection cause,Doctor advice,ehealthy tips,Health tips,Daily tips,Home remedies,Homeremediesplanet,weightloss tips,weight gain tips,daily healthy tips


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