Solutions For Diaper Rash In Infants

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Solutions For Diaper Rash In Infants
Diaper rash problem is most common in infants under the age of 15 months. This problem generally occurs due to the friction between diapers to baby skin, as the skin of baby is very sensitive and prone to inflammation and itching. It occurs on the areas covered with diaper such as genitals and buttocks as it is very sensitive area the problem raises. Though it is not a serious problem, it leads baby to discomfort and as a result they cry frequently.
Diaper Rash Symptoms:
Diaper rash symptoms may be redness of skin on the buttocks, genitals and in some cases the skin becomes slightly swollen. it may cause severe pain and can be cured without treating for 3 to 4 days in some cases. If the rash or pain persists it is advised to consult doctor.
Diaper Rash Causes:
Previously there was a myth for diaper rash case is, due to teething diet and ammonia presence in the urine. But now the physicians find the causes for particular rash as following:
·         High Humidity
·         Friction to skin with diaper
·         Continuous usage of diapers when they are filled with urine and stools.
·         Infection due to fungus
·         Infection due to bacteria
·         Not suitable diaper material for skin
When the skin is overexposed to diaper without changing for longer duration the problem may get serious as the skin that is covered by diaper loses its moisture and becomes dry as a result the skin starts breaking and damaging occurs in that particular area. The friction between the folds of skin and diaper becomes high and they feel uncomfortable due to the infection that leads to pain. It is usually caused in the areas covering with diaper and upper thigh where the usual formation of folds occurs.
Infants who are at the ages of  4-15 months are attacked by diaper rash due to the following calamities
  1. Baby gets older to 8-10 months
  2. If the cleanliness of the baby not maintained properly.
  3. If the baby has frequent bowel movements and not changed the diaper after each bowels.
  4. Babies start solid food intake.
  5. Taking antibiotics whether the mother who breast feeds or the baby.
The problem becomes peculiar in the case of babies who are treating with antibiotics. As this may lead to yeast infection and causes damage to baby skin.
Tips To Keep Diaper Rash At Bay:
  1. During seasonal changes infants are much prone to diaper rash. At this time, change the diaper of infants as often as possible when they urinate. Clean the area gently with a soft tissue which is covered by the diaper, if there is any bowels and if they not disappear with water then use some mild soaps to wash the area.
  1. Clean water must be used for this purpose and if it is running water, it is best as there is no need of soap for cleaning.
  1. Pat dry the area which is covered by the diaper. Let it breathe for fresh air.
  1. The common mistake every parent does is applying lotion or powder to the affected area. This should not be done at any cost. Allow it to air dry to restore the moisture levels and if necessary rub the area with gentle and soft towel. Perfumes and products with alcohol should not be used for the se areas as they causes inflammation and leads baby to discomfort.
  1. Steroid creams are only prescribed by the doctors as they are harmful and requires rarely.
  1. Apply diaper rash cream which contains zinc oxide and petrolatum if necessary to create a protective layer on the affected skin. The ointment should be thick and sticky which lasts longer duration.
Consult Doctor In Following Cases:
  • If blisters or pus seen at the affected area.
  • If diaper rash persists after 72 hours.
  • If it becomes severe.
Types Of Diapers To Use:
There are several diaper companies in the market. Diapers are of two types which the first type is cloth diapers and the second is disposable diapers. Cloth diapers can be used numerous times by cleaning them regularly but the disposable diaper can be disposed after a single use.
Researchers suggest the best type is disposable diapers. In the children who use disposable diapers are less tend to diaper rash. If the diaper is changed frequently there are less chances of diaper rash whatever may the brand you use. Whatever the type of diaper you use, make your baby comfortable and let him/her happy and healthy.
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