5 Steps To Reduce Risks Of Heartstroke

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Heart is the major organ which makes us to do daily jobs we do by pumping the blood throughout our body.Avoid our body and heart from higher dreams,aims and growths in financial matters.Recently,i had pain in chest  and I thought that it was slight pain but it was a lesson to me not to avoid chest pain.Dont ignore if your heart is in terrible condition,as medical observation is needed as soon as possible.Always be under good cardiologist.Here are some better tips to keep you heart healthy and make some basic changes in your lifestyle and some physical exercises to stay healthy …
5 steps to reduce risks of stroke:
To humans, heart is about falling in love, or so the movies make us believe 1.With smoking and drinking alcohol damages your health than doing good.So,as soon as possible stop it for decreasing the risk factors.
2.Doing exercises,having healthy diet and controling your weight can keep you away from risk. If you are having over weight decrease the weight and start having whole foods than cultivated ones and avoid junk foods.By unhealthy habits can increase your risk of stroke.
3.Always check your blood pressure and cholestrol levels all the time.Be careful and do exercises,if your family has blood pressure and diabetes. 
4.Everyday,dont have foods and drinks which are not good for your heart and have less sweet,sugar,cream etc.
5.Be aware of stroke symptoms so that we can call the doctor in emergency.Strokes symptoms are like dizziness,numbing sensation of hands,arms and face,and having trouble in seeing and in some cases causes severe headache.
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