High Brain Damaging Habits

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                           High Brain Damaging Habits

1. Avoid Breakfast

Who will have the problem with lower blood sugar level should take the breakfast in the morning hours.If People will not take breakfast that will be cause of brain degeneration.So avoid no breakfast in the morning.

2. Overeating

Overeating will be result of high heading the thinking and hardening the brain arteris.And decrease the mental power also.

3. Smoking

Regular smoking will cause brain shinkage and it will effect to the stopping brain functionalists.It causes multiple brain shrinkage and may lead to Alzheimer disease.

4. High Sugar Contain

Need to avoid the high sugar usage in regular food.High sugar will decrease the absorption levels of proteins and nutrients.

5. Air Pollution

In human body brain is the high consumer of oxygen.Present pollution air will decrease the pure oxygen levels and supply of oxygen to brain will be getting polluting.So stay much time at fresh air spots.

6. Too Much Sleep

Human body get good rest while sleeping.Even brain too have good rest at sleep.But overtime sleeping will allows to death of  active brain cells.

7. Head Covered In Sleeping Time

Do not cover your head while sleeping that will slowdown the oxygen levels supplied to your brain.And effect to the concentration of carbon dioxide.

8. High Working on Electronic Devices

Too much of working on computers and studying books will be effect of brain well and slowdown the functionality of brain.

9. Stimulating thoughts

While thinking about the serious thoughts brain will work very fast compare to the normal conditions so parallels thinking will cause of brain damage.

10. Talking Rarely

Less speaking will be best life for brain and high conversation effect the efficiency of brain function.

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