7 Reasons To Avoid For Prevent Kidney Damage

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7 Reasons To Avoid For Prevent Kidney Damage

Cigarettes: Smoking is the primary cause of kidney damage.Diabetes and blood pressure people effect in the urine with smoking.So keep avoid the smoking for protect your kidney.

Sugar: Sugar will not effect effect directly to your kidney but sugar will cause of diabetes and obesity.As we know diabetic and obesity are the direct cause of kidney damage.

High Blood Pressure:Blood pressure is the cause of loosing protein which will secure your kidney.Regular food diet and body exercise will control blood pressure.


Dairy Products: Dairy products contain high amount of animal proteins it will be the excretion of calcuim in Urine.It will be the cause of forming kidney stones.

Vitamin D:  Vitamin D is support to increase the steroid hormone.And critical to stabilize the kidneys healthy.

Caffeine: Normally tea,coffee,soda are the foods that stimulate the blood flow and increase the blood pressure.Caffeine direct link with consuming kidney stones forming.

High-Sodium foods: Regular sodium will not be effect of our health but excessive amount of sodium effect of high blood pressure and damaging of kidney failure.

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