Home Remedies to Treat Viral Fever

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Home Remedies to Treat Viral Fever

• Viral infections are immunity and gradually strength will getting loose.Automatically human will cells activeness dull.Fiber and zinc foods will boost your immunity system.Avoid regular food will impact the human strength.Regular food with nutricians and zinc will gives to rebuild your immunity system.Recommended that eat freshly prepared for protect yourself.

• Take lemon juice and mausamis and grape juice also high vitamin C content fruits.Vitamin C help to rebuilt your immunity power in body.

• Doctors and health professional recommended to Drink plenty of water.It will hydrate and also push out toxins from body.Having warm water also good for health.

• Add bit of more ginger and garlic in regular meal.These two protect from swelling and regular cold and flu.

• Apples and bananas are the healthy fruits for rich iron,calcium and electrolytes,zinc.

• Most common dry fruits and nuts contain rich fiber.Nuts help to build strong immunity system in human body.Having 5 badam nuts in early morning will refresh your immunity system.

• In vegetables carrots are the holding carotene that play high role to builds immunity and add more strength to body.Raw carrot or juice in both ways it may not differ much.In Carrot juice avoid adding sugar.

• People aware of that in viral illness need to avoid to eat curd in meal.But fresh home made curd will gives good result.Stocked curd form bacteria that may cause collapse the immunity power.Fresh home made curd help in digestion and build immunity.Remember that curd should not be sour even it fresh curd too.Sour curd will harm your health.

• Avoid soft drinks and cold water.Whatever your are drink it should be in room temperature.And sour foods need to avoid completely for good result.Drink purified water and wash your hand before drink water.

• In fruits also take high water contents like watermelon,White grapes.

• To avoid Viral spread clean your hands,sneezing in only hanky or tissue,do not wear wet cloths,do not approach close to anyothers,clean your area.Until cure and recover better to maintain strict clean procedures.

• In general viral face will looking very dull so follow to habit ti have food on time.Home Remedies For Viral Infections

1. Energy Boosters – While having food it should is hot.Combination of boil rice with milk and sugar is good meal at this time.Ragi balt is good for health in viral infections.

2. Herbal Teas – Ginger tea and Tulsi tea are the herbal teas and it will refresh your body and best home remedy for fever.High medical values are in herbs will protect from viral fever and infections too.For cough and cold this herbal teas will give more relief more than normal pills.

 3. Fruit juices -Fruit juices like sweet lime and orange are best juice for health.Citrus fruits juices will remove toxins.One hot cup water with mixture of turmeric and pepper will cure throat infections.

 4. Gargling salt water will cure highly on throat and nose viral infections.

5. Avoid eating more spicy foods.And good sleep and early wakeup will gives good result.

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