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Home Remedies For Headache
Most of the people commonly have headaches due to several reasons whether it is physical or mental. It is one of the common problems in our daily routine and many of us visit doctor frequently for the small reasons that causes headache. Most of the people always opt for a quick relief and approach for a temporary solutions by taking pain killers but the main thing that is unknown is that by taking a temporary solution like a pain killers, though they get relief from  pain it is the invitation for several other health problems.
First and foremost we have to find out the reasons for the headache so that the remedies we can think of at home if it is not a severe and serious problem. By following a small tips we can not only get relief from the pain and we can save lot of money and time.
Let us see the tips that can be followed easily
Administer Ice Pack
If the reason for headache is stress, worries, angriness, or due to food allergy then the quick and easy remedy is apply icepack on your head, shoulders, throat and at the back of your neck, so that you will get rid of headache quickly and feel happy with a new boost.
Hydrating the Body
Body loses its fluids due to physical stress leading to dehydration, in such case the only way is to hydrate your body with the plenty of water. Relax for some time and lean back, drink water slowly and ensure the intake of water 8-10 glasses daily. Take a cloth and place in cold water and then put it on the eyes and shoulders for 10-15 minutes.
Peppermint Oil
Peppermint oil considered as the natural soother for nerves where it revitalize energy and makes to feel relaxed. Massaging with fresh peppermint herb also surely ensures relaxation.
Acupuncture/Acupressure is the good remedy for the headache which is occurred by nervous tension.
Recommended Usage Of Anti Glare Spectacles On Computer
Head ache may also caused due to the computer radiation and excess light .If computer usage is necessary and if you find it is the main cause of head ache, then it is prescribed to use anti-glare spectacles in front of computer and it is recommended to wash face frequently with cold water and take some rest by closing eyes for some time.
Heating Pad Application
Headache can be caused due to stress and decrease of blood flow to brain and as a result it may also lead to tension headache and tightening of neck muscles. In such situation it is advised to take shower with hot water by exposing neck muscles and shoulders to the shower. It can also be relaxed by applying hot pad or hot water bottle on the back in order to relax the muscles.
Get Rid Of Sugar Foods
Foods which contain high sugars or preservatives that contain artificial flavors may also lead to the headache. Try adding natural foods such as vegetables, fresh fruits to your diet instead of depending on the flavored food and preservatives.
Sleep Well
Sleep is very essential activity in our daily routine. It is the main gate way to the common ailments such as headache, stress etc.. So maintaining adequate sleep daily makes one healthy and fit and also gives relax to the  people who suffer with frequent headache. Stress also can be reduced with the sufficient sleep daily of minimum 8 hours.
Regular workouts such as swimming, brisk walk or jogging not only makes a person healthy and fir, it also acts as the natural medicine in relieving the headache and makes to feel relaxed. So try making the habit of exercising daily.
Laughter Therapy
In our daily routine stress is the main cause of headache. To relieve from stress, there is a medicine called laughter therapy which works as wonderful medicine. At the time of severe headache, try reading a comic book or watch a comedy movie. By laughing loudly in the open area like garden also makes to feel relaxed.
Consume Herbal Tea
Teas like chamomile and peppermint works wonder incase of severe headache. Consuming a cup of herbal tea is very helpful in sustaining headache.
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