Natural Remedies For Cold And Flu

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                                                   Natural Remedies For Cold And Flu


Immunity of an individual can be boosted by plenty of sleep,balanced diet,food that is processed and low in sugar and with exercise and workouts regularly.If the season is of cold and flu then by taking some precautions before hand can overcome the cold naurally.

The following remedies can help in fighting the signs of illness and minimize the duration of illness.

Garlic is rich in anti-fungal and anti microbial properties,when cooked it may lose particular properties,so it is advisible to consume raw during cold/flu.
Try Garlic drink:
Chop 1-2 garlic very finely and add little water to it and drink the mixture in a single sip.

Cococnut Oil:

Coconut oil is rich in lauric acid,where it has the capacity of converting into compound which has antimicrobial properties which helps in boosting the immune system and get rid of ill ness before hand.It can be cosumed as food by mixing it with hot tea or consuming it directly from bottle.

Concoct Cod Liver oil:

Cod liver oil is rich source of omega-3 fatty acids which is ideal for functioning immune system properly by producing planty of Vitamins A and D,which helps to balanced immune system.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

As it is familiar that lemon juice plays a vital role in making the immune sysem strong.Adding one tablespoon of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar to a glass of warm water reduces the sign of illness by alkalinize the body which helps in killing the bacteria and viruses that present in the body.Repeat the process of drinking if the symptoms persists.

Liquid Chlorophyll:

Chrophyll also has alkalinizing properties where it makes a bad situation for virus and bacteria survive and also acts as blood purifier by making immune system healthy.Add a teaspoon of chlorophyll to regular drinking water.

Wash Nasal Passage:

During sinus congestion extra mucous is formed around the nose where it increases bacteria build up,stuffiness and swelling.At this time wash the nasal passage with pure water which helps in washing off extra pollutants,phlegm and bacteria that blocks the nasal passage.This in result helps in fighting growth infections and allergies.

Hot Liquids:

Liquids that are hot helps in releiving from mucous and cough that generates from cold.Consuming hot lemon water,green/herbal tea,ginger tea prevents the symptoms that are caused by cold/flu.Chamomile calms nerves and reduces inflammation and leads to better sleep.Cinnamon tea is treated as the best remedy for cold and cough,prepare cinnamon tea by adding one tablespoon of cinnamon to one tea spoon of honey,which plays an effective role in bringing down cough and congestion.

Syrup Of Elderberry:

Elderberries are also termed as sambucus,which is used in ancient medicines in treating cold and flu.They are rich source of anti-inflammatory anthocyanin and antooxidant flavonoids which help encounter illness.Choosing particular brand s very important in this case,make sure to avoid preservatives based,flovouring that is natural or corn syrup which contains high-fructose.

The above mentioned all refers to follow only in the preliminary stage,if you notice the symptoms persists further it is advised to contact your care taker.

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