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                       100 WAYS TO BURN FAT
1)Eat 6 times a day and mend our body every 3 to 4 hours with food to increase metabolism.
2) Run 100 yards,burn 500 calories
3)Wait for 20 minutes before going to secondary.
4)Before  action throw on a hoodie.And  your muscles are warm,burn extra calories.
5)To know the limit use small dinner plate.

6)The blue(color)dinner plate has an appetite-suppressing effect,while compared to red and yellow plates.
7) Non fat Greek yogurt for mayo and sour cream will save 700 cals and 100 cals per half cup.
8) Have peanuts from their shells.
9)After a meal,chew sugar free mint gum.It will send signals to brain that time to stop eating.
10) Have pistachios as a snack.
11)Do yoga to burn up to 344 calories.

12)Once a week,train fasted that helps our body to keep adrenaline high and blood sugar low.
13)Turn our body by alternative sprints with jogging.
14)Take juice,a bowl of oatmeal and eggs in the morning.
15)With your partners,work out together.
16)Have your meals at the kitchen table.
17)By dehydration you feel more hungry and drink plenty of water.
18)Dont fry eggs,poultry and fish.
19)Do swimming every day.
20)Take a photo to motivate yourself how you look like and where to go.
21)In the morning,take milk by removing cream and sugar,save 105 calories.
22) Ride motorcycle and burn 500 calories.
23)To recruit muscles in our arms use elliptical with handles.
24)On your iPhone download a fit app like a fast food calorie.
25)The protein coat will stick to pork and skinless chicken breasts,without higher calorie made of eggs and flour.
26)In strawberry,there are full of fibers add to your protein shake.
27)Eat avocados,it is loaded with sort of healthy fats.
28)Potatoes and pasta should  not be bigger than base ball.
29)In restaurant menu look for grilled,baked,sauteed,steamed,oven-fried,roasted,marinara and primavera.
30) Tea has full of fat burning antioxidants.
31)Switch to new programs every four to six weeks.
32) Take A3 to 5 ounce of proteins.
33)Concentrate on pushing our-self harder by throwing towel on the treadmill.
34)The more muscles can recruit ,the stronger we will get and burn more fat.
35)Work out with a couple of sets with heavy weight instead of sit-ups.
36)Use 72 grams sugar every day,not  more than that.
37)Have a small bag of popcorn rather than corn chips saves 60 calories.
38)If you climb indoor rock wall will burn 700 calories an hour.
39)In your life,draw a point when we knew,to make a change.
40)walk 20minutes a day can help us  shed 14 pounds a year.
41)Beans have high fiber,protein will help our body burn fat.And also use as stews or toss with oil and vinegar,serve as a side dish.
42)Jumping rope between sets or string,exercises into the circuits.
43)Do sets of push-ups,sit-ups or jumping jacks,during the breaks of favorite TV shows.
44)Clean your kitchen.
45)Have low calories of meals.
46)Have chicken fingers which has more protein,less fat,sodium and calories.
47)Jumping rope for  10minutes will burn same calories when you jog for 15minutes.
48)In your favorite food don’t leave cold turkey.
49)Short term goals will boost our confidence.
50)During food preparation,tasting  the food every time will take in low calories.
51)Lentils,beans,edamame and pears are rich in fiber.
52)Dark chocolate contain less sugar and more energy boosting antioxidants.
53)After a workout,having a slice of whole wheat bread with peanut butter can keep from us to eat a lot.
54)By doing burpees exercise works every muscle in our body.
55)There were many success stories about their bad health on doctor’s checkup.
56)Climb staircase instead of elevator and burn 100 calories every 10 minutes.
57)Every morning do push ups and add upper body training.
58)Balsamic vinegar saves us from300 calories.
59)Avoid fries and cheese burgers and burn 300 calories.
60)Reduce 250 calories a day.
61)Tie an elastic exercise band to make the run harder and burn fat.
62)Nutrient breakfast gets our body off to better calorie burning.Hit 400 to 600 calories with in an hour.
63)Ask the server to bring the half main course to the table and pack the other half.
64)Instead of twice weekly,go out for lunch monthly twice.
65)Hide sweets in innermost cupboard.
66)Bring the extra chips,cookies and cake pile to your office,let your co workers finish them.
67)Have a fruit as a snack instead of chips.
68)Do pick-up and burn more than500 calories.
69)Instead of chocolate ice cream for desserts have fat free bar save more than 200 calories.
70)Always cook your own main course to know what you are eating.
71)For more motivation buy new pair of shoes..
72)To get,struggle atleast 10,000 steps a day.
73)Having seven hours of sleep will improves metabolism.
74)Instead of butter,coat your frying pan with cooking spray contain only 10 calories and gram of fat.
75)Doing pull-ups will work more muscles,than pull –down.
76)Have your favorite snacks.
77)The stress activate the hormone cortisol to turn up our hunger.
78)Working with odd equipment like sandbells and truck tire helps our body to form more muscle.
79)Adding hot peppers speed up our metabolism and help to eat slow.
80)Train with the one who is stronger,will push you to work harder.
81)One table spoon of PB packs about 100 calories.by mixing equal parts of PB with cooked carrots or sweet potato in a blender until smooth and refrigerate.
82)The training of mixed martial arts is second and add ploymetrics put together super-sets,keeps your rest periods low to start.
83)Avoid food that contains trans fat,difficult  for our body to break down.
84)Switch to half a cup of  cauliflower and butternut stuff for a half cup of cheese in your procedure.
85)In a play ground,you can find a sort of stuff  which you can do pull-ups.
86)By chewing the food slowly,helps us to eat less.
87)Record calories to your  weight.
88)Run as fast as you can,the next day try to go longer.After few weeks,you will observe much  farther than when you started first.
89)Mowing the lawn you can burn346 calories,by raking leaves 230 calories and washing car 269 calories.
90)To warm up climb mountain or jump few sets of boxes.
91)At your grocer,you can find the most ground beef.
92)Having broccoli can save 250 calories per serving.
93)Your cardiovascular system and muscles will work hard and burn more fat.
94)While eating out have sauces on the side,so that you will eat less and save tons of calories.
95)If the product has less than 5 calories that can be labeled as zero calories.
96)Brush your teeth before going to bed without shirt,look in the mirror and prepare for the workout the very next morning.
97)The 30minutes training,ignore afternoon junk food are simple goals in the morning.
98)In low fat cottage cheese are rich in calcium and has 163 calories per cup.
99)While watching TV do crossword,you eat less,if fingers are busy.
100)The guys who are on the cardio machines,hold the frame are out of shape and not an accident.Train also with elastic bands on days.
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