Natural Ways For A Healthy Skin

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There is no need of expensive beauty products for a healthy & glowing skin.

There are some tips for a healthy skin with the help of natural products.
Healthy Foods for Glowing Skin
 Here are some most helpful tips, Eat healthy food for healthy skin, Some of them are
    >Omega-3 fatty acids are best source good looking skin, these are presented in Silvery fish and all related to fish family.
    >Foods that rich in vitamin A or beta carotene which are available in roots like sweet potatoes,carrots and vitamin C rich foods like mango and Spinach and all leafy vegetables.
    >Foods rich in Zinc like Nuts, meat etc..
    >The best and well known source of hydration is Water. So drink lots of water.
    >Balanced diet like fresh fruits and vegetables are preferably very important in attaining beautiful skin.
   >Exercising every day in some form also makes skin healthy and glowing.
   >Ensure bathing once a week with loofahs and body sponges in order to remove dead cells.
   >Apply body lotion/cream immediately after bath as it hydrates skin and make it fresh for a long time.
Skin Hydration
        Hydrating the skin with drinking lots of water makes skin healthy, especially for the people who possess dry skin must be very careful and avoid skin exposing to sun by applying sunscreen lotion before 20 minutes going out in the sun, by avoiding cold weather and hot water without drying the skin and protecting skin by applying sunscreen even in winters.
Sound Sleep for skin Rejuvenation
         Freshness of skin & vitality of ski restores when a person takes a sound sleep at least for 8hours as it is good supplement for the skin Rejuvenation. During sleeping process skin takes complete recovery as it get tired during daytime. Make sure of removing make-up before going to bed, as it can interfere in skin rejuvenation process.
Home Remedies
        >Mash one ripe papaya, add one tablespoon of honey, half tablespoon basin to it and spread all over the face and neck, leave for 15-20 minutes and rinse with warm water. This will help in cleansing and toning the skin.
       >Drink juice of kheera daily as it is useful in hydrating skin and helps in makes skin glowing.
      >Give up smoking & drinking as they dehydrate skin.Tags:Healthy Skin,Healthy Skin tips,ehealthy tips,Healthy Skin natural tips,diet tips,weight loss tips,Home remedies,Homeremediesplanet,Skincare tips,Daily Healthtips,Haircare Tips,weight gain tips,Weight Loss tips


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