Hair Removal Through Ayurveda

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                                              Hair Removal Through Ayurveda
If you have too much hair on your body? Have you felt embarrassing comments of your body hair? What if you have a solution to remove hair? we are not referring to laser treatments or skin waxing(which is painful and cost involved). On an average most of women are tired of waxing and pain? Here is the solution our natural “Ayurveda”. Ayurvedic medicine is Indian in origin, It is developed over thousands of years and perfection. In the recent years, Ayurveda has appeared to be the most trusted ways to remove these unwanted growths of hair. Ayurveda is the best option for permanent solution for hair removal. To get beautiful, healthy skin without hair after all “Beauty is what every women look for”.
Below are couple of natural ayurvedic suggestions for your body hair.
 Kusuma oil
The above 2 medicines are available in Ayurvedic stores.
Procedure To Apply :- 
Firstly grind and make thick paste of Thanaka and kusuma oil.
Remove all your hair on your body by shaving or removal cream or wax.
Apply and massage the paste until it gets soaked(preferably at nights) leave it for 4-5 hours.
This process has to be repeated for 3 to 4 months atleast. Then your body hair removal will be permanent.
Ayurvedic hair removal may seem a little tedious task but it is surely a good proof method.
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