4 Prescribed Weight Loss Exercises At Home

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4 Prescribed Weight Loss Exercises At Home
Regular workouts and planned diet adds more than best to get required physique. In this particular article we will know the best work out plans to reduce the weight in home itself, it is designed in order to suit any type of the body and targets the main regions of fat deposition and it may take 45 minutes daily and to reduce weight with minimum effort and by not wasting money for gyms.
Before performing any of the work outs it is advisable to consult a doctor to know about the health conditions like cardiac, muscular illness or any diseases.
1.Abdominal Crunch:
This work out is particularly designed to reduce fat in stomach and upper hips. Carry on with the work out by lying on a floor (floor to be covered with cloth works better),bend your legs perpendicular to the surface, keeping hands on chest by crossing them and start lifting your shoulders without lifting whole back off the ground. Now slowly try touch the knees with your elbows, repeat this posture for 5-10 times, add 5 more everyday.
This routine targets the main regions of thighs, hips and butt. First stand straight by keeping body without bending, place the legs apart which measures one feet. By contracting the abdominal muscles slowly bend your knees, till your butt comes into the same line, slowly go back to the original position. Repeat this exercise for 10 to 15 minutes daily.
This exercise mainly concentrates on muscles in the arms, you need a chair or bench for this workout. Make a start by sitting on a chair and keep both the hands on either sides below the hips, slowly bring body off the chair by maintaining the hands in the same position, keeping your shoulder down bend your elbows and lower hips, slowly get back to the original position and repeat the steps as said 10 -15 times daily.
4.Push Ups:
If it is performed correctly it gives the best shape for the upper body by keeping muscles fit. Any person can perform this exercise as per their convenience at the home itself. Lie on the floor by facing it, keep hands aligning he shoulders, look straight and stretch your arms slowly, push the body above floor by placing the hands on the ground, rest in that position for 10 seconds, slowly go back to the original position and repeat this for 10-15 times daily and add five more each day to get best results.
If you really want to lose unwanted fats in the body, combine these work outs with a balanced diet and plan your day with regular work outs and proper diet program.
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