Best Treatments For Hair Straightening

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Treatments For Hair Straightening
To talk about straight hair, there are several people who dreams for straight hair that is easy to manage. Let us discuss on the treatment for straight hair. There are also some restrictions for these treatments. Let us see what are they……
Treatment With Keratin:
Most women gets beneficial with this treatment which is coated with some chemicals to ensure smooth and straight hair. Stylists of salon promise that this treatment provides smooth and frizz free hair which lasts up to 12 weeks and also the hair easy to maintain. This treatment costs around $200.
Some researches shows that this treatment does not work much on the hair type that is too curly, there is also necessity for the frequent usage of conditioners every type you shampoo your hair.
The best way is to skip keratin treatments as this treatment contain some harmful chemical such as formaldehyde which is very dangerous for health and also leads to cancer.
Chemical Relaxers:
There is the other treatment which gives straight hair is chemical relaxers.This treatment is very beneficial than keratin treatment as this particular treatment is permanent  without risk. As per a stylist of Newport beach, Anthony Cress ‘the only problem with this treatment is, the roots which grow after this treatment is again curly.’
Some stylists says that ‘Relaxers which are used with lye irritates scalp though it shows instant results. ’Using relaxers with no lye can be preferred at home, which does not irritates scalp much, and it is to keep in mind to not to leave for much time than prescribed.
Chemical relaxers though make hair straight in simple way, they harm scalp and makes hair dry and brittle. It is prescribed to apply relaxers to roots instead applying to scalp. As this damages the scalp and makes it unhealthy. It is also advised to use relaxers not less than 8 weeks and notice that you use gentle conditioner for hair every time you use relaxers.
Blow Dryers And Flat Irons:
If you want to keep your hair healthy and strong by not treating with chemicals then one way you can make your hair straight at home itself. That is opt for a blow dryer and iron, it lasts for long time until and unless you expose your hair to humidity and water.

Follow the following tips to protect your hair from extra heat

Ø  As per mirmirani a hair stylist, ”It is advisable to use dryers once or twice a week as it makes hair dry and frizzy, it may also leads to split ends and breakage of hair.
Ø  To prevent the hair from heat, it is prescribed to wash hair at night and allow it to dry naturally and then go for flat iron next morning.
Ø  It is suggested to use flat iron only on dry hair in a minimum setting and not to allow for longer time at one place.
Natural Methods:
There are several natural methods for keeping hair straight and healthy instead of exposing it to chemicals. Blowing hair leads to dry hair by keeping away the moisturisation. It is preferred to ask stylists the hair style which suits your curls instead of making them straight.
The important trick to follow when you wash your hair, instead of drying your hair with towel vigorously, gently comb your hair with wide tooth comb. Then collect the hair in your hand and gently rub with towel once in a while and allow it to air dry. Apply moisturizing gel or mousse if required.
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