Home Remedies For Reduce Hair Loss

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Home Remedies For Reduce Hair Loss
In the recent times most of the people suffer from hair loss. In our daily routine lose of hair up to 50-100 is very common as it usually occurs when we wash our hair or by comb, but losing the hair more than 250 strands either from scalp or other parts of the body its quite abnormal and it is considered as hair loss. In medical terms it is designated as Alopecia. In a month or one and half hair grows half an inch, about 90% of the people experience the hair growth in given time, the rest 10% comes under the dormant stage where the hair that grows after 2-3 months it may fall.
·         The primary symptoms for hair fall can be observed in earlier stages is that, if you find ample of hair on pillow then it can be said that you are sufferer of hair loss.
·         When you comb your hair, if you notice more than normal hair in the teeth of comb then you are having the problem of hair loss.
·         Especially in men, the main symptom for hair loss is receding of hair from the fore head occurs.
·         In women it appears to be hair loss when their scalp is exposed by thinning of hair and strands of hair get parted due to hair loss and thinning.
Basis For Hair Loss
Let us see the main basis for hair loss
·         Genetic Problems
·         Stress/strain
·         Medical abnormalities such as anemia, lack of immunity and Thyroid complaints
·         Cancer
·         Infections in the scalp
·         Pregnancy/lactating
·         Hair styles that damage the hair.
·         Menopause
·         Medications for several life threatening diseases
Hair loss can be caused due to several reasons, they may be temporary or permanent there are home remedies for temporary hair fall. Let us see some of it
1.Milk Extracted From Coconut:
Coconut milk is rich in nourishing properties of hair and plays a vital role in preventing loss of hair.
·         Blend the fresh coconut scrapings .
·         Extract the milk from the paste by squeezing the coconut mixture
·         Now generously apply the milk extract on your hair and scalp, then leave the hair for 15-20 minutes.
·         Gently massage the scalp with coconut milk
·         It is the effective way to reduce hair fall.
·         Repeat the process weekly in order to prevent hair fall.
2.Neem Juice:
Neem is treated as the treasure of curing all diseases which contains bundle of medicinal properties. It also plays an effective role in controlling hair fall and keeping scalp healthy and itch free.
  • Take some fresh neem leaves and put them in the water and allow it to boil until the water reduces to half of the amount.
  • Let it cool for some time until they comes to room temperature and then wash the hair with the water.
  • Ensure the process would repeat once or twice a week as per the seriousness of hair fall.
3. Honey And Olive Oil Treatment:
·         Take olive oil and honey in equal amounts in a bowl/container.
·         Blend them well and add a tablespoon of fresh cinnamon powder to make it a thick and smooth paste.
·         Gently apply the mixture on scalp evenly and after 20 to 25 minutes wash it off.
·         This process helps in treating the scalp healthy and makes hair thick and tends to hair growth.
·         Repeat the process weekly once to see the better results.
4.Neem Paste and Aloe Vera Gel:
·         Mix gel extracted from aloe Vera and powder from dried leaves of neem.
·         Mix well both the ingredients and add  a few drops of amla juice to the mixture.
·         Now evenly apply the mixture on to the scalp, ensure it reaches to every corner.
·         Let the scalp dry for 30-40 minutes and wash the scalp thoroughly.
·         If needed repeat the process 1-2 times a week to feel the beautiful and silky hair.
5.Egg And Curd Mixture:
·         Egg white is very ancient treatment for hair, mix egg whites of two eggs and curd/yoghurt .
·         Mix well the above ingredients, add a tablespoon of shikakai powder or neem powder to get a thick mixture.
·         Apply the paste on to the scalp and let it dry for 20-30 minutes.
·         Wash the hair and repeat the process weekly once if necessary.
6.Indian Goose Berry:
·         Heat coconut oil and mix with dried amla powder till it turns black.
·         Let it cool and apply the mixture to the scalp
·         Massage the scalp with the mixture and leave it for 30 minutes on the scalp, then wash the scalp properly.
·         Repeat the process once in a week for best results.
8.Hot Oil Massage:
·         Application of oil to the scalp daily leaves hair soft and prevents from hair fall.
·         Massaging regularly with warm oil for few minutes before taking head bath helps in preventing hair fall by blood circulation in the scalp.
·         Oils such as jojoba oil, neem oil, mustard oil or almond oil to the coconut oil helps effectively to prevent hair loss.

8.Home Made Concoction:
A concoction can be prepared in the home to prevent loss of hair.
·         Take 30-45ml of Vodka or alcohol and mix it with a teaspoon of pepper and add this mixture to warm water.
·         Wash the hair with the resultant mixture once or twice a week .
9.Onion And Honey Treatment:
·         Cut the onion in to half and rub the juicy par on the scalp, ensure it covers the scalp thoroughly.
·         In the same process apply honey all over the scalp and gently massage into the scalp.
·         Wait for 15-20 minutes and wash off the hair with luke warm water.
·         Repeat the process with a week to ten days gap to get rid of hair fall.
10.Lime And Pepper Seeds:
Small bare patches can be covered with lime seeds and black pepper seeds.
·         Powder both lime seeds and black pepper seeds.
·         Make a thick paste of both the powders by adding a little water to it.
·         Apply the mixture in the area of hair loss and massage well with the mixture to ensure rejuvenation of scalp.
·         Repeat the process once or twice a week.
11.Shana Seeds:
·         Powder the shana seeds and mix it with Luke warm coconut oil or castor oil.
·         Apply the mixture on your scalp gently.
·         Massage the scalp with the mixture and leave on for 20 minutes.
·         Rinse thoroughly with luke warm water by the application of mild or herbal shampoo.
·         Repeat the process twice in a week to ensure best results.
12.Intake Of Balanced Diet:
Healthy and nutritious diet helps in hair growth and preventing hair fall.
·         Ensure intake of sufficient minerals, iron and vitamins regularly in the diet.
·         To prevent hair loss include fresh vegetables and fruits to the diet.

13. Hair Maintenance:
·         Washing and brushing hair properly is very important when you suffer with hair loss/hair damage.
·         Ensure get rid off split ends by trimming the hair regularly.
14. Tobacco Sauce:
Mix a few drops of tobacco sauce to your regular shampoo helps in controlling hair fall.
15. Tea Decoction:
Tea Decoction works very effectively on hair loss, treat the hair with the mixture of tea decoction and lime juice in order to ensure healthy and damage free hair.

16. Minimise Using Dryers:
Using dryers frequently makes hair dry and a result hair fall and hair damage occurs. So minimize using dryers and try to use them only when necessary.
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