Home Remedies For Hair Conditioning

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Home Remedies For Hair Conditioning
Hair loss and dry hair is the most common problem for both teens and the people who exceeds 30.If one loses 50-100 strands per day can be treated as normal but if these figure exceeds and hair increases day by day then it is the time to star remedy for hair loss. This leads to alopecia where several factors like changes in hormones, stress and unhealthy diet results such condition. Let us see some of the natural remedies which are available in our kitchen to wet rid of this problem….
Onion And Garlic: Onion and Garlic are being used from ancient times for hair conditioning as they contain sulphur which controls the hair fall and helps in conditioning of hair.
Ø  Take a medium size onion, blend it in a blender and extract juice from the mixture, apply the resultant mixture to scalp thoroughly. Leave it for 15 minutes and wash it off with a herbal shampoo.
Ø  Garlic can be used with regular oil. Chop the garlic into fine pieces and boil with your regular oil for a while and let it cool down the oil and apply the oil to scalp.
For best results repeat the treatment twice a week.
Coconut: Coconut is well known for hair growth and maintenance. It is the natural conditioner for hair growth as it contains essential proteins, minerals and fats that strengthens hair follicles from roots to tip.
Cut coconut into pieces, extract milk from the mixture and gently apply the milk before going to bed by mixing with enough water where you find extra hair fall, wash it off in the morning.
Henna: Henna provides best results for hair fall. It maintains natural hair color by providing hair with beautiful bounce. It gives a versatile results when combined with mustard oil.
Hibiscus: Hibiscus flowers and leaves plays a vital role in rejuvenating hair beauty. It primarily controls dandruff and prohibits grey hair cells to grow.
Hibiscus flowers gives strength to hair roots. Crush the flowers with sufficient coconut oil to make a paste, apply to the scalp and leave it for few hours, then rinse off with a gentle shampoo.
Amla: Amla provides abundant C vitamin which is essential for hair growth. It is not only good for the hair growth also provides several benefits by consuming regularly.
 Mix the amla and lime juice together and apply on the scalp concentrating on effected areas>Rinse it off after some time with luke warm water.
Egg: Eggs are the rich of sulphur and several minerals like iron, phosphorous, zinc, selenium and iodine. These plays a vital role in hair growth when it is applied in the combination of olive oil.
Take egg white and olive oil in equal quantities and the mixture to scalp and rinse thoroughly with warm water.
There are other reasons such as your unhealthy diet and improper care for hair. Follow the healthy diet with adequate minerals and vitamins and keep away harsh chemicals that damage hair.
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