7 Dangerous Acts After Meal

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                      7 Dangerous Acts After Meal

* After a meal d’t try to smoke .According to the Doctors survey after smoking  a cigarette is equal to 10 cigarettes smoking.Cause of cancer is high.

* Normally people eat fruit after the meal that will struck the stomach with the previous meal and cause of meal content will take long time to digest.And it will spoil the meal content and remain food in the stomach.Doctors prefer to eat fruits 1 hour before the meal and after one hour the meal.And early hours eating fruits will give the complete strength and increase bone strength too.Prefer eat with empty stomach.

* Avoid drinking Tea after the meal.Tea powder contain acids that will filter the protein  in the meal and give the trouble while digest.Advised to take the tea after mean one hour gap after meals.

* While having meal or before having do not try to loose the belt that will gives you more space to have much.It is effect to speed up the blood floating in the belt fit area.Once you loose the best you feel very comfort to have more food and become added more fatty content to the body.

*After Meal do not encourage to bath.Because bath will fresh up the cell over all body.Blood floating will high that will decrease the floating in stomach area.In final digestives decrease.

*Walking after meal is the general habit for all but that is no good for digestion system.While walking it will generate acids.Researches reveal that after 30mins of meal walking is good for health and improve the digest.Walking should be less than 30min.

* Immediately sleeping after meal should be avoid.Meal will not digest properly with immediate rest for body.Need to free the body for 10min before going to bed.

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