A Healthy Diet And Exercise Makes Youthful

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A Healthy Diet And Exercise Makes Youthful
The changes in our lifestyle may improve our health and restores cells of aging. The recent studies says that the lifestyle which is healthy also lengthen the protective regions of DNA which are termed as telomeres.
The study is done on 35 men who are diagnosed with a risk of prostate cancer, where 10 of them are assigned for healthy lifestyle such as vegetarian diet that is rich in fiber, regular exercise and stress regulating methods like yoga or meditation. The rest of the people let with their own lifestyle.
Aging Cells:
The study has continued for 5 years and at the end of the 5 years the people who followed healthy life style had significantly “younger” DNA which are measured as telomere length. Telomeres are the regions that protect DNA and help to keep them intact. The telomere length refers to the aging and anti-aging properties. If the telomere length is long then youth ness provides for longer times and in the case of shortening telomeres it refers to the aging and diseases of old age.
Effects of Positive Changes:

The 10 men who adopted healthy lifestyle could they self find the effects which are healthy where they manage to get rid of Chronic Disease to prostate cancer. The positive changes they made in their life style the more growth they observed in the telomeres. As per the reports of Lancet Oncology the telomeres in the men shrunk by 3% on average.

So the healthy life style had proven the results in the healthy telomeres. So don’t wait just jog daily in order to stay healthy and fit.Tags: Healthy tips,Ehealthy tips,Doctors Advice,Yoga tips,Skin Tips,Beauty Tips,Latest Beauty Tips,Childcare,hair Care Stips,homeremediesplanet.com,g8k.in,ehealhtytip,health tips,Daily Health tips,SKincare tips,weightloss tips,haircare tips


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