Home Remedies To Cure Dark Circles

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Home Remedies to cure dark circles

Paste of Tomato

The most efficient method of curing the dark circles is tomato paste which can be easily prepared at home. Applying thick paste of fresh tomatoes, lemon juice plus a pinch of turmeric powder along with gram flour very gently under your eyes where dark circles are there. Leave the paste for 10-20 minutes and clean it off gently. This should be followed 2-3 a week to fetch the best results.

Potato and Cucumber

The fresh juice of cucumber or potato can be applied under the eyes with the help of a cotton ball. In order to prevent the repentance of dark circles slices of cucumber or potato to cover your eyelids for 15-20 minutes and later on the eyes should be washed with warm water.

Almond oil

Almond oil is considered an excellent skin food. Applying a little around the dark circles before going to sleep really benefits the skin naturally. Making this a habit for a month or two makes the dark circles vanish.

Mint Leaves

The fresh crushed mint leaves when applied around your eyes give a soothing affect and also remove dark circles. These crushed mint leaves have to be applied for at least 5-10 minutes and rinsed off gently with cold water or cloth to experience a relaxed feeling as well as reduced dark circles.

Glycerin with orange Juice

The skin shall emerge more radiant and smoother on applying the mixture of orange juice mixed with glycerin on the dark circles.

Tea bags

Cool tea bags or for that sake ice cubes wrapped in a soft cloth placed under the eyes can reduce and restrict dark circles. As we all know that tea contains tannin, which is known to reduce the puffiness in the skin and discoloration. So the tea bags are refrigerated overnight and are used early in the morning by placing them on the eyes for 10-15 minutes which help in reducing the dark circles.

Saline solution

Nasal congestion is also one of the prime reasons for the cause of dark circles. This can be dealt efficiently by adding 2 cups of water with a quarter tea spoon od sea salt or half tea spoon of baking soda and pour in one nostril , tilt your head to one side so that you allow the solution to come out from the other  nostril. Trust me this shall give a huge comfort for the people who are suffering from nasal congestion.

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