7 Dangerous Causes Of Dandruff

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7 Dangerous Causes Of Dandruff

Dandruff is the major problem. It suffers both male and female. The main reasons are to increase dandruff is dead cells on skin. This is happens due to number of problems. Bur most of the people neglects to take precautions to control or avoid dandruff. After it rise on scalp it can’t be remove easily. If it neglects it continue to spread over the body and posses to increase the allergenic issues and rise additional skin problems.


There are few reasons behind increasing dandruff problem. Let us see the reasons and make sure to control the problem.

  1. Improper hair care:

Proper hair care will control the increasing of dandruff. But lack of hair care will lead to increasing of dandruff. There are few reasons comes to improper hair care.

  • Hair brush or comb using by the number of persons will lead to dandruff. Using same hair brush or comb transfers the fungal bacteria from one to one.
  • Improper cleaning of hair brush cause to increase the dandruff call. Cleaning hair brush daily will control the spreading dandruff causing fungus.
  • Dead cells stick to comb will lead to spread dandruff.
  • Clean the cloths and pillow covers in a regular manner to avoid dandruff. Continuously wearing same clothing will spread the dead cells from clothes to hair.
  1. Yeast Allergy:

Yeast is one kind of fungi formation. It consumes as a part of food. But if there is any allergic issue with yeast will cause to increase the hair problem. Allergic issues with yeast tend to increase dandruff problem.

7 Dangerous Causes Of Dandruff01

  1. Dry skin:

Most of the people neglect to take care about hair and skin. Dry skin on head will increase the dead cell count. It will cause to raise the dandruff. Dry skin and pollution will rapidly increase the growth of dandruff dramatically. Every time have to keep hair skin moisture and have to take some precautionary oils to prevent dead cell on scalp.

  1. Shampooing:

Lack of head bath with shampoo also increases the dandruff problem. Because lack of shampooing will lead ti store dead cells on head and cause to increase the dead cell count on head. Dead cell increasing will lead to raise the dandruff problem.

Taking proper shampoo at least twice a week will controls the dandruff problem and removes the dead cell from the scalp. Not only that, lack of head bath with shampoo will increase the dizziness on scalp and waste polluted moisture dizziness. It will increase the symptoms of dandruff.

  1. Malassezia:

It is a natural fungus grows on skin. Basically it is not harm full but whenever the natural Malassezia increases its area will lead to raise dandruff. Scalp is a part which exists in the area where the lots of oil glands are placed. Number of oil glands increasing will lead to cause itching. It is also cause to inflammation causes to dandruff problem. Regular head bath and taking care about hair will decrease the count of oily glands and finally it controls the dandruff problem.

  1. Poor health:

Poor health diseases like immunity problem, strokes and dermatitis, Parkinson’s diseases will cause to formation of dandruff. Majorly immunity problem will lead to increase dandruff problem.

  1. Improper diet:

Proper diet also controls the dandruff causing fungus. Lack of vitamins and minerals will lead to increase dandruff. Fast foods and oily and masala foods, mainly high fat content food will lead to increase the problem of dandruff. Taking proper diet like vegetable, less oily foods and low fat, low masala foods will prevents the growth of dandruff.

These are the major dandruff causing problems. By knowing these things and preventing from these problems will lead to control the dandruff problem. Most of the people ignore to take basic precaution to avoid dandruff.

Dandruff is not only the problem limits to head and scalp, is we neglect to take precautions before it increase will lead to create itching and allege issues apreads over the body and can’t be control by natural and basic remedies too. At the peak level of dandruff better to consult doctor.

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