6 Natural Home Remedies For Hair Loss

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Alopecia known as loss of hair from the head or body. It also means baldness, a name mainly reserved for pattern alopecia or androgenic alopecia. Pulling of hair (trichotillomania) can also cause hair loss. Hairstyling patterns such as tight ponytails or braids may induce traction alopecia. Even hair relaxer solutions and hot hair irons can also cause hair loss… 
1.      Get enough sleep and rest:
Reduction of rest and relaxation may also cause hair loss, home remedies for hair loss in having enough sleep and rest in the form of sound sleep. Relaxation can be stimulated with exercise and also going out for walks, watching favorite movies and also playing with kids.
2.      Regular application of  fenugreek paste on the hair:
The home remedies for hair loss can include the daily applying the fenugreek paste on the hair for an hour before hair bath and follow this method for about a month. Mix honey with egg yolk and massage well and leave it on the head for half an hour before head bath gives better results. And also homemade remedy by blending curd, lemon juice and gram raw powder and also helps by using this mixture before head bath.
3.      Rubbing the bald area vigorously with onion:
Boil a cup of oil with four tablespoons of henna leaves. Filter this mixture and store in bottles for daily use on bald areas. Another home remedy is rubbing the bald area firmly with onion until it turns to red. Even you can also blend seeds of lime and black pepper to a paste and spread to the bald area. This remedy helps to increase blood circulation in the bald area and promotes hair growth.
4.      Clean scalp and hair:
Impure scalp and low blood circulation may lead to hair fall. The home remedies for hair loss is take proper hair care by cleaning scalp and hair. Using herbal shampoo can helps in cleaning the hair and nourished. Using of hair dryers, artificial and manufactured colors and brushing the hair while it is wet should be completely avoided. Massage warm oil on the scalp firmly with fingers in circular motions about 2 hours before hair bath which helps in increasing the blood circulation and stimulates hair growth.
5.      Start regular exercise:
The stress in our life style may leads to hair loss. Home remedies for hair loss are start physical exercises daily and also add yoga and medication. Exercises promote good hormones, and yoga and meditation calms the nerves and mind. Even deep breathing exercises are done over a period of time helps to promote a calm and positive self control which could help very much.
6.      Consuming a well balanced diet:
Main essential home remedies for hair loss is consume a good balanced diet which is rich in nutrients. In our diet, we should add seeds, nuts, grains, vegetables and fruits. Even add certain food like milk, vegetables oils, honey, wheat germ, yeast and liver.


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