5 Simple And Easy Remedies For Frizzy Hair

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 5 Simple And Easy Remedies For Frizzy Hair
Frizzy hair is the most common problem in today’s women and men. Females are the primary sufferers of frizz ness, damaged hair affects the hair cortex, follicles which leads to split ends causes of frizz ness to hair. The main causes of frizz ness is insufficient hydration, frequent exposure to sun, chemical treatments or your hair is frizzy by its nature. Here are the some natural remedies to get rid of frizzy hair, try out these……
1. Shampoo You Choose: Most of us may not concentrate to choose a suitable shampoo. Some of the shampoos may not suit your hair type and may cause damage to hair and leads to unwanted frizz. Choose shampoos with the ingredients that shampoo is made up like wheat protein, honey, essential oils and vitamin E. Honey helps in locking the essential oils that are naturally present in the hair, wheat protein helps in maintaining the hair well and manageable, and it is also suggested that to look for a shampoo that also consists of conditioner as it is very important for frizzy hair solution.
2. Natural Home Remedies:
Ø  Try to wash your hair with carbonated water like club soda or sparkling water immediately after shampooing the hair. Repeat this treatment for few weeks to get the better results.
Ø  Mash a banana and mix it with curd, honey and olive oil. Apply the mixture as mask on your scalp including hair, remain it for 15 minutes and then wash off with a mild shampoo.
Ø  Take equal amounts of apple cider vinegar and water, rinse you hair with the solution after shampooing.
Ø  Wash your hair with beer and massage gently into scalp for every to weeks.
3. Trim In Regular Intervals:
Generally people think of trimming hair when they want to style the hair to change the hair styles, but trimming hair for every 6-8 weeks is important as this helps hair to keep away from split ends as it damages the hair and leads to frizzy hair. Take care of your hair when you are using dryer and make sure to use the dryer nozzle only on hair not on scalp as this dries off hair by decreasing the moisture of hair. Brush your hair with wide teeth comb to prevent hair loss.
4. Avoid Electric Tools:
Most of the people approach ironing when they want to go out and finds the frizz ness of hair. Due to this treatment, the hair becomes extra dry. Instead of trying these electric devices, try using smoothing of hair with minimum temperature and slowly increasing it.
5. Visit Hair Spa:
Hair spa gives unbelievable results if you visit frequently as many hair spas offer several packages in order to maintain the hair in proper condition. Try to visit hair spas for various hair packs that lock hydration of hair and keep it smooth and silky.
By following the above tips you can make your hair manageable and looks gorgeous.
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