How Onions Help In Hair Growth……???

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Onions is the best source for Hair Growth

Most of the people like to eat onion. Because it is healthy for body. Onion is the best coolant for the body. Hair fall happens due to stress and mental disorder. Insufficient sleep and improper food timings are the basic reasons for hair loss. Most of the people neglects when hair fall50-100 in a day. But this will increase gradually and until it reaches to extreme level no one take care about food, hair and all.

Most of the homemade remedies should have a place for onion. That signifies how healthy it is for the body. Onion is the best natural and safe food to consume for re-growth of hair.

How Onions Help In Hair Growth

Not only internal consumption. It can also apply externally.

Is Onion really help in Hair Growth?

This is the first question a raise to most of the people. Very few only know the advantages of Onion and its additional benefits like hair growth, best coolant, Body neutralizer etc. Recent scientific research found the advantages of the Onion. They are finally stated that the Onion has an additional reagent which cause of hair growth. Onion internal solution consists of antibiotic and anti fungal enzymes. These enzymes well protective from dandruff and other fungal infections in hair. It can also resist the yeast growth in hair. It effectively works on protecting premature graying hair. Bold head mainly causes due to damage of premature hair. By protecting this hair it helps in hair growth.

Internal Composition of Onion

Onion is rich in Sulfur content. When extracted Onion juice applied to scalp, it can helps to improve blood circulation to the scalp. The major part lead for hair growth by Collagen tissues. Sulfur content in Onion helps to improve the production of Collagen tissues. Sulfur content prevents to growth of bacterial and fungal elements on scalp. Fungal and bacterial elements are the main reasons for loss of hair. Improved blood circulation will increase the nutrients and minerals content on scalp which leads to improve follicles. These follicles promote for hair growth.

Onion Gives faster Hair Growth

To see the good result in hair growth in a natural method, Onion is the best option. It can prevent the growth of bacteria on scalp. Extracting onion juice is the first thing to do. Take at least half-a-cup of onion juice and apply on scalp thoroughly. Spread evenly on hair. Keep it for minimum 30 minutes.

If its smell is ok then keep it for some more time. Later wash well with water and low concentrated shampoo by rinsing hair smoothly. The same procedure should repeat at least thrice in a week. This natural method takes time to show the result. Within 45 to 60days it will give the result. While applying do not rinse hair hardly and make the onion juice wisely without adding and peel on it.

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Extracting Method of Onion Juice

Extracting onion juice is a simple process. By using blender or food processor or juicer can extract onion juice. First peel off number of onion required for extracting half-a-cup of onion (early 3-4 medium sized onions). Put them in blender or other equipments and can easily extract the juice. If you want to prepare manually it is better to make onions into cleaves and mash with wood stick until it become like paste and take the paste into a cotton cloth. Let them settle down for a while, later onion juice will come out drop by drop.

The Best and Simple Methods of Onion to Get Hair Growth

  1. Honey with Onion Juice

Honey and onion juice mix is the best home remedy for hair growth. Take ¼ cup of onion juice and add one tablespoon of honey. Mix well and apply on scalp thoroughly. Wait for 15-20 minutes. Later wash with water. Repeat the process daily to get the best result.

  1. Rum with concentrated Onion juice

Usually people use rum to take in side. But its nature and internal composition can be added advantage for hair growth. Take onion cleaves and soak them In a glass of rum over night. Take off the onion cleaves and take the concentrated onion rum juice. Apply on scalp evenly. Massage well for half an hour. Leave for few minutes and wash with low concentrated shampoo.

Do the same procedure thrice in a week for best result.

  1. Onion In recipes

Most of the home made recipes should have a place to onion. Onion helps to body in number of ways. So everyone uses onion regularly in their recipes. This is also one of the advantages to hair growth. If anyone is feeling difficulty to apply onion juice to their scalp due to its smell or any other issues. It is better to take onion more in with homemade recipes. This will also show the good result but it takes time.

  1. Rinse hair with Onion boiled water

If anyone feeling not better to apply concentrated onion juice. There is one alterative. Take 2 to 3 onions and boil it in 1liter of water for 15 to 20 minutes. Take off the onions from the water. Let it cool. Rinse the hair with onion boiled water. This water won’t give any kind of smell but it will give the best result. After rinsing hair let it settle down in scalp for a while.

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Wash with water and shampoo. Do the same method for 3 to 4 time to get the best result in 2months.

Even though it is a natural process its result is amazing. Doing any process which suggested regularly will definitely show the improvement in hair growth. In the duration while using the process it is better to avoid projecting on pollution and dust areas. Because these again cause to improving cells damage. So better to avoid and always try to cover hair with white cotton cloth. Applying to hair and consuming in recipes will be added advantage for hair growth. Better to apply concentrated onion juice mostly, if there is any problem then choose adders which are suggested.

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