30 Amazing benefits Of Moringa Oleifera

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30 Amazing benefits Of Moringa Oleifera
Moringa is considered as the plant of health where it has medicinal properties in each and every part of the plant including bark, roots, flowers, seeds, pod and sap in one word it is the store house of health as it is rich in anti oxidant properties. It is considered as the ‘Miracle tree’ and used in various medicines to obtain several health benefits.
1.      A Moringa seed contains 40% edible oil which is termed as Ben oil. It is clear in texture, odorless and sweet in taste and contains nutritional properties such as olive oil. Moreover, it can be stored years together as it does not effect to any form of reactions.
2.      Moringa leaves are highly used in the medicines, however it contains iron which is three times more than spinach.
3.      Moringa is rich in amino acids, as amino acids plays a vital role in building protein blocks, repair and maintain healthy cells. 10 to 12 amino acids are produced by the human body itself and the other 8 amino acids available from the regular diet intake where moringa contains all of the 8 amino acids.
4.      moringa leaf is abundant in various healthy values, it boosts natural energy levels which is also not available from sugar and it also found to restrict humors, ulcers, reduces arthritis, regulate blood pressure and restricts inflammation.
5.      Regular intake of moringa is very beneficial for AIDS patients as it is considered as the natural defense mechanism.
6.      It is proved to be very efficient against blindness as it contains Vitamin A or beta-carotene.
7.      It is very beneficial for lactating mothers as it is proved to increase in production of breast milk.
8.      Diabetic patients can be consumed with out any secondary thought as it maintains sugar levels.
9.      Moringa balances cholesterol levels which are resulted due to consumption of junk foods in regular basis.
10.  Moringa leaves plays a vital role in balancing metabolism and building cells in the body.
11.  Moringa seeds are proved as detoxifying agents as they contain several anti bacterial properties. Pure water can be obtained from impure water when moringa seeds mixed in the impure water. In the same way it cleanses the digestive tract by flushing out the toxins.
12.  Since there are no side effects registered against the consumption of the moringa, it can be undoubtedly consumed by humans of all the ages. In the present days they are used in several foods such as breads, pastas and porridges to obtain maximum health benefits.
13.  Moringa supplements supplies the same benefits in fact more compared to the other supplements which are available in the markets. The supplements which are prepared from moringa leaves and pods are rich in calcium and multivitamins and the processing which is involved in the making of supplements increases absorption of nutrients to the body.
14.  The seeds of moringa are used in the perfumes manufacturing and aromatherapy oils, the flowers of this plant are used in the herbal tea as they contain natural flavonoids which is meant for immunity building.
15.  As moringa contains anti inflammatory and antiseptic properties, moringa supplements can be used for healing minor injuries, burns and cuts.
16.  Roots of moringa, since they are abundant in health benefits they are used in several medicines to improve digestion, stimulate appetite and they also treated as the medicine for sexual problems in both male and female.
17.  According to some recent researches done by the scientists, it is proved that it plays a vital role in curing ovarian cancer, stones in kidneys and several inflammations. They flush out calcium and phosphates from kidney and helps in maintaining kidneys health effectively.
18.  Benefits To Hair: It helps in hair growth by proper circulating of oxygen and other vital nutrients. Vitamin plays a key role in building body tissues which reduces hair loss. Since moringa is rich in vitamin it promotes hair growth by making scalp healthy and dandruff free.
19.  It also contains zinc and silica, combination of these both with vitamin A prevents drying and clogging of sebaceous glands which are responsible in sebum production. Zinc deficiency leads to dry hair and atrophy of the hair follicles to the impairment of DNA and in protein synthesis.
20.  Vitamin E which is available in the moringa helps in circulation of blood properly to the scalp where it reduces hair and it is also considered as powerful anti-oxidants.
21.  The main reasons for hair loss is the deficiency of Vitamin B,B6,Biotin,inositol and folic acid. Proper production of these nutrients helps in hair growth by proper circulation of blood to scalp. Vitamins such as C and E [plays a vital role in supplying blood to scalp which results in minimizing hair fall.
22.  Moringa is rich in essential minerals for healthy hair such as calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, selenium and copper.
23.  Moringa oil is considered as the natural supplement for a healthy hair, regular massage with this oil promotes hair growth, restricts dandruff growth and prevents split ends by supplying sufficient minerals and vitamins for the growth of hair follicles.
24.  Skin Benefits: Moringa is found to be anti-aging medicine as it resists free radicals which results in wrinkles of skin and proved to be minimizing fine lines on skin due to aging. It cleanses skin effectively and helps in skin rejuvenation by restoring healthy complexion of skin cells.
25.  Moringa leaves are abundant in anti oxidants which promotes in the growth of healthy skin by flushing out toxins. Oil of moringa is also considered to be very beneficial as it helps in absorbing more nutrients to the body.
26.  Moringa leaves also contains sulphur, collagen and  keratin which promotes healthy skin by improving elasticity of the skin. The tissues of the skin obtains rigidity with the consumption of this oil and promotes healthy and youthful skin for longer time.
27.  The seeds of moringa are used in various beauty products which are recommended for the beauty of skin. It consists of skin purifying properties and it has the ability of rejuvenating skin health and beauty. It plays a vital role in beauty enhancement and promoting healthy and balanced skin by acting as a natural toner. The paste can be made with the moringa leaves, can be used as face pack to improve health of skin.
28.  Oil which is extracted from the seeds of moringa ‘Ben oil’ can be used as the massage oil for babies to soothe skin.
29.  The juice extracted from the moringa leaves can be used as the protection shield to protect against cigarette smoke and strong metal pollution.
30.  Moringa seed powder is highly recommended for people who are exposed to pollution and smoke, since it contains cleansing properties. This is the reason that it is also used in the cleansing soaps, lotions and creams.
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