How To Keep Fruits And Vegetables Fresh Long Time

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                             How To Keep Fruits And Vegetables Fresh For Long Time

Vegetables and Fruits are very essential in our daily intake as they plays a vital role to maintain healthy and fit. Not only eating veggies and fruits,it is also keep them fresh is very important.Fresh fruits and vegetables only can give us health while they are kept under proper conditions inorder to keep them fresh.It is very important to remember that any thing brought from grocery store we have to see that it does not go waste.There are some tips to keep your stuff fresh for longer time.

First and foremost is,try to shop the fruits and veggies in the farmer’s market which is available near by.If you buy things from the grocery store or super markets,the content which they offer will have the long life which have been shelved days together.They have been picked,stored and shipped,so by the time they brought to your grocery store it had been a long time.So in the local farmer market there is a chance for you to select the freshest fruit or vegetable compared to the grocery store.

If you don’t find a market near by you,then the following tips may help upto some extent inorder to give some long shelf life.

Preserving Vegetables

Lettuce: wash and dry the lettuce by separating the leaves once they are brought from grocery,put in a bowl that contains a lid before keeping it in the fridge.

Cucumbers:No need to wash them instead just take it out from the bag in which they have come,refrigerate them as it is until and unless you use them.

Tomatoes:Instead of keeping tomatoes in the refrigerator,it is best to keep them out in the kitchen shelf as thay produce ethylene which inturn makes other veggies also spoil.

Mushrooms:As cucumbers refrigerate mushrooms also without washing them till you plan them to use. Mushrooms must keep dry for two reasons,they are 1)they stay fresh for longer time and 2)If it is not soaked in water it is best to use them for seasoning.

Carrots:preserving carrots is very important as they become dry if they left like that in the fridge with out keeping in any thing like plastic bag.If they come in a bag with holes then you leave like that,if you get them loose then ensure to keep in a plastic bag that contains holes.

Preserving Fruits:

The best thing to preserve the fruits is not to wash them before refrigerate,it is advisible to wash them when you decide them to eat.So you can give them a longer and better shelf life.

Apples:If the apples when you get them from market aren’t ripen fully,then you can leave them in the kitchen itself.Once they are ripe,you can shift them to the refrigerator.

Oranges:Oranges can undoubtedly keep in the kitchen as they have long lasting life,in the refrigerator that can be preserved upto three weeks.

Grapes:Grapes can be left like that in which bag that has come as they come in a bag that has holes and it is better idea to store them as well by removing the individual grapes that turns fast.
Strawberries/Blueberries/Blackberries:Any berry,store them in which packing they have come home as the store sells in the prescribed package.

Watermelon: keep it away from the other fruits,the reason is,it gets spoiled quicker due to the ethylene released from the other fruits.

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