7 Best Benefits Of Orange

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7 Best Benefits Of Orange
Orange is a very favorite fruit to everyone as it is tasty and loaded with vitamins and minerals. The main and primary vitamin available in orange is vitamin C. Our body gets several benefits with this vitamin.
Benefits Of Eating Oranges.
It protects against….
Ø  Asthma
Ø  Bronchitis
Ø  Tuberculosis
Ø  Pneumonia
Ø  Rheumatism
Ø  Prevents kidney stones
Ø  To lower cholesterol levels
Ø  Arthritis
Ø  High blood pressure
Ø  Drinking of orange juice makes to get out from the feeling of drinking alcohol who are addicted to it.
Ø  Secretion of mucus from nose can be reduced by consuming oranges in large portions.
Nutritional Data Of Oranges:
1. Beta carotene is a vital nutrient that is available in the orange which is considered as antioxidants and also protects from cell damage.
2. Calcium that is available in the orange helps maintaining good health of bone and teeth.
3. Folic acid is abundant in orange which helps in brain development.
4. Blood pressure is maintained well with the magnesium that is available.
5. Potassium which is found in this amazing fruit helps well in maintaining electrolyte balance in the cells which helps in building of a healthy cardiovascular system.
6. Thiamin converts food that is consumed converts into energy which is the main source to perform activities.
7. Vitamin B6 that is available in the orange helps production of hemoglobin, where all parts of the body gets oxygen from it.
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