12 Uses For Cloves – A Wonderful Natural Medicine

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        12 Uses For Cloves-  A Wonderful Natural Medicine
On the ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) scale which is used by the National Institute on Aging in the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to analyse value of foods, cloves has the maximum ORAC score. Cloves has strength to block cancer, which has wonderful purification and protection…

Cloves are a very frequent spice generally used all around the world. It is well known famous for its aroma and flavour.

  1.     Having a few cloves can help to wash our body from injurious toxins and microbes and also helps to improve our health.
  2.       Cloves also helps to secure the damage promote to our body’s cells and helps to activate energy in every part of the body.
  3.       It also helps us by giving immediate relief from toothache. Have a piece of clove on the affected area, and gain fast relief.
  4.       In cloves, presence of eugenol gives a wonderful aroma and helps in numbing tooth pain and clear the bacteria in the mouth.
  5.       We can also use cloves as a mosquito repellent. Cloves can definitely helps to protect from the mosquitoes.
  6.  It also have huge anti inflammatory properties and which is use to cure inflammation and infections.
  7.  If we are suffering from digestion trouble, have some cloves and chew them.
  8.  Cloves also helps with cardiac and diabetes health.
  9.  Cloves helps in clearing our blood by its purification basis.
  10.  Ayurveda advises having a tea to decrease or avoid colds and flu. Cloves are also used as an expectorant which will make it clear cough up phlegm. Cloves are a real painkiller and also which attacks germs, and ease us to remove sore throat.
  11.  Cloves are also used as an aphrodisiac constantly which ease men from reaching argasm too quickly.
  12.  Cloves cure scrapes and bruises which are well strong and can burn, make a dressing with a little olive oil.

Just add couple of cloves to our diet in the formation of curries,soup and also in main dishes to increase maximum advantages.

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