How to Get Naturally Glowing Skin

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                              How to Get Naturally Glowing Skin
The most natural looking  glowing skin comes from proper skin care…
“By taking care of your skin for three to six weeks gives a better results” says Casey Gallagher,a dermatologist in Boulder,Colorado.Here are some remedies for glowing skin…
·         To gentle cleansers: Use Cetaphil Gentle skin Cleanser in the morning and night to remove dirt without irritating skin.
·         Smooth skin: Use a cream that contains alpha hydroxy acids in the morning to remove lifeless cells.
·         Even out your skin tone: If you are having black pigmentation marks,ask your dermatologist for a medicine – strength skin lightener contains hydroquinone or an over the counter lightener with hydroquinone.Even using products with vitamin C or licorice extract can also help you..
·         Don’t forget sunscreen: Everyday,use sunscreen with SPF 30 to protect our skin tone and texture.

·         Get your antioxidants: In our day or night cream,use free radical fighter like vitamin C or coffeeberry and idebenone.Antioxidants protects our skin from sun damage and helps in purifying the skin tone.
·         Use an over the counter retinol or a prescription-strength retinoid at bedtime: These products encourage cell change and collagen making.In the beginning using a pea size amount  every night retinoids irritates first.

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