8 Top Water-Rich Foods

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8 Top Water-Rich Foods

8 Top Water-Rich Foods

Crisp Lettuce

Crisp lettuce fresh hold 96% water.It will help from dehydration.contains 96% water within itself.Crisp Lettuce contain good amount of Potassium,antioxidants and Vitamin c,k.Looking for rich water foods Crisp Lettuce should try.try use weekly once in regular fruit salads.


Watermelon is the tasty and famous water content food.Most of the people intrested to have in summer.Watermelon carry 91% water and Vitamin A,C too.Also Watermelon contain lycopene, fiber and potassium.Fastest water need for your body will fulfill with Watermelon.Best suggest by Doctors too.

Grape Fruit

Black Grape Fruit have 90% water content and useful for who needs more vitamin c.Grape Fruit will give instant energy.According to the source Grape Fruit juice will boostup the strain human body in minutes of time.To load mandatory amount of alcohol in human body try Grape Fruit.


In general Broccoli widely used in vegetable which contains 89% water in it.Broccoli had vitamin C, calcium, fiber, iron,Vitamin A.So better to eat Broccoli load all vitamins and water rich.For child’s Broccoli suggest to increase the natural growth.

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Coconut Water

Name itself contain water.Coconut Water have 95% purified state of water.For sports man generally have Coconut Water.Even in Coconut milk also hold the number of water rich.For babies feeding mothers are widely use Coconut Water instead of normal water.


Avocado hold 81% water and other protein fats which will help to boost the dull cells.In Northside Avocado added in regular diet meal.Very preferred for athletes for speedy recovery from low energy levels.Also best to increase the bone strength.


Highest water content is Cucumbers, nearly it is 96 percent.Cucumbers have rich amount of calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium,zinc.Such rare minerals and silica for muscle forming and bone weight increase.


best attract fruit in all fruits in Strawberry which is holding 92% water and each Strawberries have 23 calories.Strawberries controls the sugar levels.Two Strawberries in one week a month will very good for human body.

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