Go Green And Lose Weight

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Go Green And Lose Weight
The most common problem that each and every age group undergoing in the present time is weight gain and belly fat. There are several way to lose fat like workouts in gym, diet that cuts the extra fat etc.. but all these ways are both time and money consuming and they may effect our environment. Instead So try some alternatives by going green and by natural means.
1.Have Sex: Sex is very helpful for both the partners simultaneously in losing weight and thrill that they undergo. On average, a half an hour session helps in burning 150 to 200 calories. 
As per the research done by a clinical assistant professor Dr.Laura Berman of northwestern university in Chicago, it has proved that sex is a good workout for the people who wants to shred the extra pounds and also helps in proper blood circulation and toning the body muscles and makes both the partners fit from fat. The positions in which the partners participate in sex also matters a lot. So it is the first and foremost way in green sex as there is no mechanical elements involved in it except your love.
2.Acupuncture And Herbs: Acupuncture plays a vital role in balancing the weight and promoting body’s health. It not only helps in body toning and Qi check but also manages a healthy weight with proper energy production and body metabolism. According to the researches done by the Yo-San University weight loss and weight gain differs from person to person and it mainly depends on conditions of digestion. There are also several Chinese herbals for weight loss and can consult a well experienced Chinese specialist.
3.Sleep To Lose Weight: Sleeping is the god’s gift and even every one likes very much irrespective of age. By sleeping also weight can be reduced. You may wonder how? Sleeping makes both internal and external organs healthy and beautiful. 
When you gave them sufficient rest then the organs gets beneficial and makes them active and makes the process to speed up. Cortisol which is very important hormone that plays a vital role in metabolism and its primary responsibility is to regulate sugar levels, fat, protein and minerals. Insufficient sleep decreases Cortisol production where in the result insulin production decreases and sugar levels increases. So the bottom line of all this discussion is in order maintain a healthy weight and beauty maintain a good sleeping habits not less than 8 hours and not more than 12 hours a day.
4.Consume Milk: Belly fat can be reduced by consuming a glass of milk everyday. It may be surprising but it is true as per some researches made by Nutrition Institute at University of Tennessee. 
Dairy products and milk boosts body metabolism to maintain properly and significantly helps in weight loss. To get better and quicker results milk can be chosen from the cow that is fed with organic grass as it shows a better results in burning fat cells quickly.
5.Volunteer Weight Loss: It may sound different bit it is true. Weight loss can be done in several innovative ways and it may not be difficult for anyone to follow these methods like go for a walk with your pet, help elder ones at home collect some trash in your neighborhood. 
Taking your pet to walk means a lot to you, not only making it refreshed, your heart and sole also gets new life as it is a very easy method of refreshment. Collecting trash in your neighborhood not only makes your environment clean and healthy also it is a great idea of following green tasks.
6.Spicy Diet: An overnight shedding off extra pounds can be done by adding some spices like garlic, hot pepper and onions to your regular diet. As per the research done by Endocrine society of San Francisco spices such as garlic and pepper curbs the overeating and adds some extra flavor to the food which makes your diet both healthy and fat free. 
As per this research it shows that people who followed this salt free and calorie free diet has minimized 30 pounds with in the span of six months. The people who wants to follow this diet must concentrate on salt free foods as the foods which contain salt adds water to the body which  is main disadvantage of weight loss programme.
7.Count Breathe: It is a known fact that without breathing no living organ can be there but how many of us are doing perfect breathing. So many of us are not reaping the benefits of breathe that we undertake daily. 
Singers practice certain breath called diaphragmatic breathing where it is the correct process. In this particular process, inhale from the nose and exhale from the mouth. Inhale from your nose by keeping hand on the stomach, while inhaling your stomach is puffed out, when you exhale from mouth your stomach goes in. This process of diaphragmatic breath burns more calories and tones abs as the muscles are strained in this process. Lie your back and practice this process to get best results and once it is habituated it becomes the second nature of breathing.
8.Laugh And Lose: As we all know that laughing is the best medicine. People who are small or big, there is no age group for laughter as it helps in building the immune system and makes heart strong by pumping blood to heart properly. 
Laughing five times a day for ten minutes is equal to ten minutes workout on a rowing machine. So what are you thinking? just laugh as much as you can as there is no machinery required for it instead of childhood memories and spending time with children.
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